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    Heidi's walk September 9,2017

    Here is Heidi on her walk on Saturday morning,it was a cool one 43 F.We met an old as we were on our way again after stopping get the Toronto Star Saturday paper.
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    Been 4 years

    A picture of Fritz sitting on a table in the gazebo,Auntie Irene watching.It was 4 years ago Monday that we had Fritz put down,hard to believe it has been that long.We all miss him down h,er,miss him every day.Fritz,I hope you are having a good time up there with Papa,Ruffles,Taffy,Shannon's dog...
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    Heidi Walks 2

    Heidi and I out on our walk Monday morning and her waiting for me to put bags of leaves out at a house I do yard work,she is 96 and still lives there. it was sunny and cold with a strong west wind in the face and 26 so Heidi wore her red coat.
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    2013 Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade Part 2

    #91-Bowmanville High School Band #92-Salvation Army Durham Emergency and Disaster Response Vehicle-Salvation Army of Bowmanville #93-#95-The Petley-Hare's-Petley Hare Insurance #96 & #97-Marching Unit and Colour Guard-Royal Canadian Air Cadets 172 Clarington #98-Snow Princesses #99 &...
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    2013 Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade Part 1

    These are the first of 170 pictures I took at the 2013 Santa Claus Parade November 16th.I will split these into two thread,1 will be too much for all these pictures.We had a lovely day for sunny and nice 50 F.Mom came over,my sister Marlene,her daughter Shannon and her two kids Brandyn 12 and...
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    Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Heidi

    Heidi having a snooze on Thursday before her walk on her 3rd Anniversary with us.She turned 3 on August 16th and now been with 3 years on Thursday.Time sure has flown with her around.I remember Mom and I going after church that day and looking at puppies,Heidi cuddled in Mom's coat and then on...
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    Heidi's Groomer Visit:October 2,2013

    Heidi after we picked her up from the groomers,sporting a Purple bandana and riding on the riding on the seat on the way home.She whined the whole way there but was in a hurry once there and greeted the groomer's cat.She was happy to see us when we came and got her and she had to go out to...
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    Fritz Gone 3 years

    A picture of Fritz,it was 3 years on September 29th that Fritz had been gone.I think he knew his time was up,that day,I found him by himself under my bed and had brought up blood.Still miss as much today as I did then.God bless Fritz my special little pal.
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    Million Dollar Neighbourhood

    My hometown of Bowmanville,Ontario is being featured on the second season of Million Dollar Neighborhood.The first two episodes are on line at: and then click videos and they are there.
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    heidi around the house

    Heidi just after we picked her up from the groomers December 19th and in the van waiting for Mom to come out of a store,Heidi was wearing a scarf that said Ho,Ho,Ho,Ho on it,she was buying Mango Chutney to make Crab Cakes with.Heidi rode on my lap there,she couldn't wait to get down there and...
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    Pictures of me

    Picture I took of myself Thursday night after getting haircut that morning.
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    2012 Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade

    These are the first of 99 pictures I took at the Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade November 17th.It was Sunny and Partly cloudy around 45-46F.I went over first followed by my Mom Betty,my sister Marlene ,her daughter Shannon,friend Jamie and Shannon's two kids Brandyn 11 and Samantha 7...
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    Heidi's Walks 1

    Heidi on her walk Wednesday morning.She bugged to go,gets out of the chair ,looks and paws at my leg to go.We were passing a small statured man and he was on a cell phone,he took the time and said "Hi Puppy",we then saw a Black Lab,the dog was answering a call of nature and didn't have time to...
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    Problem with Picture Posting

    I am having trouble posting pictures,i type the addresses of the pictures and post they are fine but once I write about what the pictures are,a message comes up and says I posted 11 images and didn't,I have posted these pictures of a parade,had no problem from #1-70, then from #71-80 the...
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    2011 Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade

    These are the first of 111 pictures form the 50th Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade November 19th,2011.the weather was good 50 degrees and sunny,a bit breezy.My sister Marlene came with Shannon and her two Brandyn now 11 and Samantha now 7 and their Black Lab Buster,my Mom came as well ,first time...
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    Heidi's 2nd Birthday

    Heidi on her walk and down here snoozing on her 2nd birthday August 16th,hard to believe my little girl is that old.We didn't met any dogs on this walk,a dog inside a front door barked at her while walked on Simpson Avenue and near to home Heidi wanted to greet the owner of a Border Collie on...
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    51st birthday

    Here are Heidi and me on my 51st birthday September 10th.I have had pictures taken like this since 2006,first with Fritz and now with Heidi.We went to Massey House in Newcastle ,Ontario for dinner with Larry,Marlene,Shannon and her two Brandyn and Samantha,Brandyn is 10 now and Samantha is 6. I...
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    Here is a picture of me blowing 7 inches of snow on February 2nd.The neighbor's Daughter-In-Law is from Portland,Oregon and had never seen a snow blower work so she came out in the cold and took some pictures and gave one to the Mother-In-law to give to me.Dad would be proud of me for using a...
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    2010 Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade

    First of 86 pictures of the Santa Claus Parade November 20th,the 49th Annual ,next year will be the 50th.It was partly cloudy and 46 degrees,cool breeze,made my hands cold taking pictures.I went over with my Niece's husband who had brought their 2 kids Brandyn 9 and Samantha 5,their mother...
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    Heidi Photos

    I like to introduce our new puppy a Shih Tzu named Heidi,9 weeks old yesterday,born August 16th same day as my Grandmother(Mom's Mother)We got her last Sunday,found an ad on line and we went to look at them.There were originally 5,four when we got there, their tails were going when we saw...