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  1. chinchow

    Invisible Children

    The high school showed a video this morning on the troubles in Uganda. The children being kidnapped and brainwashed, given guns and being told to kill people. A few students found this video and are pushing the rest of the student body to help. One of my kids is in a class that is making it a...
  2. chinchow

    The "Shorty Bull"

    The breed for those who want a "Miniature American Bulldog". I guess French Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges, Pugs, etc, aren't enough for some people.
  3. chinchow

    It's hard being a parent in the wintertime.

    My youngest child is pitiful. SO pitiful. We have not had snow yet this year. We usually get it towards this time into February. This winter, we've gotten snow once. Last Thursday we walked into a store for 5 minutes, came out and it was snowing, huge flurries. He was in awe. I've never seen...
  4. chinchow

    Yabbadabbadisgusting CAIRNOODLES?! UGH. Toto should NOT be used in such a manner.:mad: And even worse if you can believe it... This is getting so out of hand! Just puppymills and byb's turning into mills is all I'm ever seeing anymore.
  5. chinchow

    Salvia Divinorum

    I'm not sure how many here have heard of this. I've known about it for a while, but only recently heard of it's recreational use. I have two teenagers, which in itself is enough work. I found a bottle of this stuff (liquid Salvia) in my daughter's drawer. I looked it up before saying...
  6. chinchow


    Does anyone know of any outstanding Akita breeders? I've only found two to my liking. One is in Colorado, and the other is in Wales, UK. I've spoken with both of them numerous times on personal levels, so perhaps I am being bias in saying they are good breeders. Just wondering if anyone else...
  7. chinchow

    Today I saw my first

    Patterdale Terrier! What an awesome little breed they are. So rambunctious and playful. I wasn't in the least bit disappointed. Has anyone else met one of these guys before?
  8. chinchow

    Exotic Pets

    Does anyone with exotic pets, or knowledge, have any information (preferably a webpage) on laws by state of exotics? We may be moving soon, and I really do not want to have to give up the pets I have and only be able to bring my dogs, cats, fish and birds. I've had most of my pets for a long...
  9. chinchow

    What's your opinion of this Pit Bull breeder?

    A lady I was chatting with said she had bought a dog a while back from this kennel. I wanted to check them out, since her dog was very gorgeous, and seemed to be nice size, and she told me about it's temperament and how they were working on agility. She gave me the site, and to be honest, I...
  10. chinchow

    Acc, Ugh! Now you can, yet again, register anything you want!!!!!:mad: :yikes: :mad: I'll never understand why money just has to be the cause of everyone's happiness. It's just not fair to beings that have no use for it.
  11. chinchow

    Out-Of-Home Rescue

    I've been doing fostering for a while, but LUCKILY I'm in an area where a lot of people foster, so I sometimes don't feel as if I'm doing enough. So for the past few months I've been looking into doing rescue through myself, and was wondering if anyone else here does rescue out of their home...
  12. chinchow

    Cream Chow in Florida

    Buttercup is located in Orlando FL. Her mom went into nursing home and Kitty, the daughter took Buttercup in. Kitty has had Buttercup for 6 months, but she because works long hours she just doesn’t have the time fore her. Buttercup has to be crated as Kitty has older cats. As much as she loves...