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    Snowpocalypse Nemo!!

    Let's see your blizzard photos!! This one shows the craziness of the wind in this storm. Our side of the street is pretty clear, but the wind blew all the snow to the other side of the street! My building is the one with no snow on the stoop, nice! :) Other side of the street...
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    Interesting Mix Adoptable!

    Check out this interesting mix! He sort of reminds me of a different colored Pip! He' 55 lbs and affectionate with people (it doesn't mention dogs). His name is Fluffernutter...
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    Urgent Dogs - Do you crosspost?

    The title says it all! Do you crosspost urgent dogs on FB?
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    Bowie is Unimpressed

    Bowie is unimpressed with Saxon's Tomfoolery...
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    75 Pound Border Collie!?

    Is that possible? A customer came in today with a big black and white fluffy dog that I thought was some kind of Berner mix or something. When I asked what he was she said he was a pure bred Border Collie! I didn't press the issue any further, so I don't know if he was a rescue that she was...
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    Look Who Arrived!

    Look who arrived today!! He's fitting in really well with the real Saxon! :P For more information about the Sock Dog, see this thread:
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    Saxon as an Original Sock Dog!

    I am absolutely in love with these Original Sock Dogs. Here's their site: and their FB: For Christmas, my mom gave me a gift card to Original Sock Dogs and today I got an email saying that Saxon's sock dog is done...
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    Saxon would love your votes! :)

    Saxon is in a photo contest! Click over and give him a like, if you feel so inclined! :) Also, check out all of the other gorgeous dogs in the contest! :)
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    Play Date with a Boxer Puppy!

    Some pictures of Saxon on his play date yesterday with Nico the 3 month old Boxer puppy! Nico belongs to one of the groomers at PDog and she is the sweetest little pup you'll ever meet! Saxon LOVES her and was so happy to play with her! Such a Boxer face!! Attack Hug!! What the...
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    Saxon and the MiniBull

    Today Saxon and I met a Miniature Bull Terrier named Jack! He came in to get groomed at the shop. Jack is about 10 years old and was a rescued 6 years ago when he was about 5. He is super friendly and goofy, but he has sort of terrible legs and feet, poor guy. :( He and Saxon were the...
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    My Brother Was Injured in a Car Accident

    So I called my mom a couple hours ago and the conversation went as follows: "Hey mom." "Hi Christina, how are you?" "I'm fine thanks, how are you?" "Well... I'm ok... I've been at the hospital all day with your brother..." "What!? Is he ok!?" "Well... He broke his hip..." "How the hell...
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    (Not Dog Art) Hobbit Door

    So, I was browsing Etsy looking for some Hobbit themed items and I found a few listings for Hobbit Hole doors. I was thinking of buying one, but they were all either too pricey or not exactly what I wanted. So, I made my own instead! Check it out, friends!
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, all! I hope 2013 treats you well!
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    Two Australian Shepherds Attack 13 Year Old Boy

    Teen bit six times will likely have to undergo plastic surgery Posted: 12/25/2012 By: Jacqueline Ingles BRADENTON, Fla. - Two...
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    A few pictures from our trip to Connecticut for Christmas! Saxon romping in my parents' yard! Saxon is much faster than the OH... My parents' labs, KC the yellow lab and Silver the rescued "silver" lab: KC and Silver inside (KC demonstrating why you never teach a dog to...
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    Saxon Performs for May

    Just a picture of Saxon doing his tricks for the 11 year old girl that I babysit for, May: :)
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    Finnish Pet Cemetery (Pic Heavy)

    Finnish Pet Cemetery (Very Pic Heavy) Last Summer, 2011, I visited family and look a couple of classes in Finland for 2.5 months. I mostly stayed with my grandparents and, being so happy to spend time with me, they took me to all sorts of places that I had never been on past visits. One of...
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    Painted Ornaments

    Here are the ornaments that I painted of the pets last year! :)
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    Saxon Pictures!

    Just a few pictures of Saxon in another new collar! :) Here he is with some vintage props, because I think the collar looks like it's from the 60's-70's: Here he is at the beach today: And here he is at the park with his coworker and buddy, Sam the Lab: