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  1. bubbatd

    Help from Canadians please !!!

    My folks used to bring down tins of hard fruit candies that were dusted with powdered sugar and asked me the name !! Can you help me ???
  2. bubbatd

    Renee !!!

    I can't remember the year that you and Chaz did the greatest April's Fool here, but it sure was fun !! Such a shame we don't have those threads today ! We need more fun !!!
  3. bubbatd


    Yes I'm basketball junky ! My dream teams didn't make it so I'm rooting for the underdogs !!! So far I'm happy !
  4. bubbatd

    The Oscars ~

    Who is going to watch and why ??:popcorn:
  5. bubbatd

    Rottie puppy ~ Indiana

    Another dumped puppy . Amy just called me that a 3 to 4 month old pup was dumped in their rural area ( Noblesville ) . Not docked , sweet but scared to death . Was fine with their Lab and terrior mix . They called rescue , but they have no fosters available . They aren't taking him into their...
  6. bubbatd

    Toy warning ~

    Ollie has one of those colorful stuffed caterpillars with little antenna balls .( Hartz ?) . He doesn't tear them apart , but I had Hunter and Maggy here which meant a tug of war . Later I saw one of the little balls on the floor and when I picked it up I was pricked by a sharp wire . I clipped...
  7. bubbatd

    Happy Birthday boys !!!

    Two grand kids and same Birthday !!! Today my Ian turns 16 and my Nash turns 9 !!!
  8. bubbatd

    Deer and Elk horns

    When I picked up my dog food today the lady showed me her new line . This is a Mom and Pop store who have recently moved and expanded are doing very well . I found them pricey and told her I'd check here . I'd like to try them but a small one is about $8 and pretty pointy . Any large breed...
  9. bubbatd

    Christmas shopping !

    I just realized that I managed to get it all done without a trip to WalMart or a Mall ! I rock !
  10. bubbatd


    Anyone going to watch Hallmark's " A dog named Christmas " tonight ??
  11. bubbatd

    Mice !!!!

    I am infested !!! Hate them !!! They usually stick to my garage but no , this year they want inside . I use poison in the garage as I can put it in areas that Ollie can't reach and as they die spray the stench . Well I bought some sticky traps for the kitchen and caught 2 the first day ...
  12. bubbatd

    Indy folks ~~

    If you watch channel 13 at 11 tonight , you may see a Chaz member !
  13. bubbatd

    Post 60,000

    >>>> that's all !! Grammy blabbers a lot !
  14. bubbatd

    The dentist

    I went to my biannual cleaning today . I came out with flying colors . They did a test for receding gums and I actually did better than my previous test . Please folks , see your dentist !!! So many here are afraid to go ! Even with going every six months , I had a lot of plaque . I'm proud to...
  15. bubbatd

    Indy area people .

    There's a sweet 10 to 12 week old black Lab that needs fostering . IM me your e-mail and I can send you the info .
  16. bubbatd

    Ollie's mornings .

    Stays in my bed while I go pee and turn on my coffee . Gets up when he hears me add sugar to my cup . ( dog treat ) . Back to bed until he hears me get my second cup .... ( another cookie ) then he stays up . It's 11:30 here and I'm ready for my 2nd cup ! What a funny boy !
  17. bubbatd

    A pondering day ....

    TV has only been in my life for about 50 years . I've seen Liquor ads baned , and tobacco ads baned . Great both were for what the Gov.thought was a problem . Now obesity is our #1 concern . Should fast food ads be baned ?
  18. bubbatd

    Happy Birthday Seger !

    I can't believe that my beautiful Grand-dog is 3 years old !! I also can't believe that my only sibling ( Bro ) is 80 today !!!!
  19. bubbatd

    Want to see something special ????

    ........especially to Grammy !! Check out Mauzy'smusing at the bottom !
  20. bubbatd

    Computer help !!!!

    My tool bar disappeared with my favorites !! I was able to get here through google , but I can't get my e-mail !! It won't accept what I thought was my password . Help !