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  1. bubbatd

    Two-faced kitten

    just because one is different it shouldn't mean death .
  2. bubbatd

    Kids now and then

    Beautiful kids !!
  3. bubbatd

    OH the PAIN

    Nothing is worse than sore feet >>>
  4. bubbatd

    I need to rant again

    Let him talk ... then walk away ....he'll never change .
  5. bubbatd


    Hi gal .....
  6. bubbatd

    Keep us in your thoughts please.

    Am thinking of you ~~~~
  7. bubbatd

    Whats up

    What a cute pup !! I lost Chip iN '06 and found Ollie same week ,couldn't stand being alone .
  8. bubbatd

    Logan passed his CGC test!

    Kudos !!!
  9. bubbatd

    Dog massage workshop

    Good for you !!
  10. bubbatd

    So not coyotes...

    Hope you find their home .
  11. bubbatd

    The 16 yr old Sailor that was Rescued....

    I said 18 because to let her parents off the hook .
  12. bubbatd

    Today might be the day...

    Hope it works out for her !!
  13. bubbatd

    Whats up

    OMG ! NEDIM !!!! One of my first tads ! I think of you and Peanut so often .I'm still here ...lost my Chip but he sent me OIlie .
  14. bubbatd

    The 16 yr old Sailor that was Rescued....

    I don't think I could do it .....I would have said " wait until you're 18 "
  15. bubbatd

    I'm in London :)

    Have a grand time !
  16. bubbatd

    Luke, my foster.

    Do hope it works out for you !
  17. bubbatd

    RIP Sheldon.

    I'm so sorry !
  18. bubbatd

    I'm going to look at a litter tomorrow...

    So anxious for you !!!
  19. bubbatd


    So happy for you !!!!