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  1. taterz

    Euthanizing A Dog That Bites

    I breaks my heart to read stories like this. I have had dogs all my life and never had an aggressive one. Nothing but sweethearts. My parents had an agressive dog after I moved out but the situation never became so dire that they had to put...
  2. taterz

    Our Two Brindle Mutts

    We socialized our dogs yesterday and I took a few pictures. I wanted to make a signature with them but it won't save so I decided to share a couple pictures here. This is Sanne on the right with a couple new friends Sophie charging me And the pair with their Mom
  3. taterz

    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    There are a few treats for sale now that are made with cricket flour instead of wheat. I picked up a bag this week and my dogs love them. They're grain free and high in protein, and I think sustainable too. I've been know to try a small nibble of my dogs treats to see if they are as...
  4. taterz


    I'm a hopeless dog lover. I've had them all my life and much of my life revolves around caring for them or letting them care for me and my family. I have two mutts right now (never had more than one before) and they are absolutely best friends, except for that one blood letting fight they had...