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  1. mrose_s

    Those that work with dogs?

    Specifically trainers but anyone that works with dogs on a daily basis as their job. First off, I LOVE my job. I work for great people and I managed to get in at the ground level of something big they are building. I am so excited to be involved and I'm getting learn all the stuff I wanted...
  2. mrose_s

    Something is arriving today....

    It's 14 weeks old, it's coming to live in our house for a few months. It arrives on the plane just before midday and I'm going to meet my boss to pick it up. We asked which one we were getting sent and they told us "the psycho tan one" Can't wait, any guesses?
  3. mrose_s

    Trainers: Improving poor handling in a client

    Trainers. About 7 months ago we had a woman join one of our training centres to start attending group classes with her 18month old Dobie. Nice enough dog but being a bit of a ratbag. He would almost drag her off her feet when walking him, jump all over her and mouth her anytime he felt...
  4. mrose_s

    Why do I look?

    I rarely look at petrescue. But occasionally I get some stupid idea in my head and then I find this. They would make such a good pair walking down the street! He's less than an hour away.
  5. mrose_s

    Hair and Beauty Peeps

    I'm looking for advice and resources. I've always loved my hair, but I've always loved toturing it to make it look like something it isn't. My natural hair is red and curly. I spent most of the last 7 years straightening it every day and regularly dying it. I decided a couple of years...
  6. mrose_s

    Television clip from a BSL forum.

    I wanted to post this up here. This is from a couple of days ago, I've always felt like Australia wasn't as bad as some other countries as far as BSL goes, but over the past few years my opinions have changed as laws have tightened more and more in response to public pressure. A week or...
  7. mrose_s

    That Moment When

    You start pushing your dog and realise you havn't kept clarity in training and have to go back to basics and fix confusion. Making her look good was easy, making her look great feels impossible. :( DAMMIT!!!!! FRUSTRATING! :mad:
  8. mrose_s

    Lets Talk Borzoi

    Romy - I'm looking at you. So... I adore the 'Zoi. I've had a thing for them forever. I just find them so stunning. I've never had much contact with them in real life, I havn't actually had a lot of ongoing contact with many sighthounds. We have a few Grey's and a young Irish Wolfhound that...
  9. mrose_s

    Canine Disc Peeps

    I want to start playing around with it with Quinn. We play frisbee a lot because, by hand. I can throw it further than a ball. Her accuracy with her catches is pretty good now so long as I don't stuff up my throws. And she effing loves it. Questions - Anyone got any good resources for...
  10. mrose_s

    Gaining Strength

    So... I really want to gain some strength back but seeing as I am totally poor atm I don't really know how to go about it. I used to go to personal training, was great but I can't afford $80 a week, I wouldn't mind going back to obstacle course running but again, it's too much $$. I am...
  11. mrose_s

    I want to do a class! *stamps foot*

    I so want to start doing a class somewhere with Quinn again. My Tuesday nights have just opened up again since the group classes at work got changed to Monday nights. The local agility club meets on Tuesday nights and I feel now like I would have enough control with Quinn to work her...
  12. mrose_s

    My Quindlay

    I can't even remember how long it's been since I posted one of these threads. I gave up on taking photos over 12 months ago now, I had a crappy laptop that nothing showed up looking decent on, by the time I got a new computer I was disappointed in all the photos I was taking. Oh well, time...
  13. mrose_s

    My Big Brave Dog

    She's so tough. Thats the link, I can't make it embed :(
  14. mrose_s


    I've been meaning to make this post for a while. I wanted to ask for some opinions from DOG people (real dog people) that have experience with this breed. I am not considering owning one. I have no interest in Terriers because of all their Terrier-ness. But this has been bugging me and I...
  15. mrose_s

    RIP Lucy

    We lost our beautiful 35 year old mare yesterday. Colic. We fought for a good 9 hours, pumping fluid into her and hoping to get something moving and nothing, in the end the vet came to check her again and pretty much made the call. It was getting worse not better. In one way it's...
  16. mrose_s

    My first fosters...

    will be coming home in 2 days. 2 cats I almost adopted that got dumped at our kennel, they've been there since May and they are ridiculously attention starved. I was hanging out with them today and the little Ragdoll girl was acting like she would climb under my skin if she could. Its...
  17. mrose_s

    Quinn and her rat Lecter

    So this is Quinn and Lecter. Quinn has been fascinated by these rats from day 1 and I THINK they are starting to like her back. She's been trying to play with them for the past week, woofing and play bowing and throwing her head around. I tried to explain that they don't speak dog but she's...
  18. mrose_s

    Can someone explain how Barn Hunt works?

    I'm intrigued. Not that there is any in Australia yet. (Seriously... Dock Dogs is only just getting rolling with something like 3 pools/training facilities in the entire country) How does it work? What is the dog expected to do? What training do you do for it?
  19. mrose_s

    Rattie Names

    I need help naming my new babies. They did come with names but I'm not overly keen on them. (Remy and GusGus) They are both males, 4 months old. The mink boy seems to be the shyer one but as they get more used to me he also seems to be the more cuddly of the 2. The white boy is the...
  20. mrose_s

    Mal Vs Dutchie

    Thoughts? How do they differ? I'm starting to put some serious thought into nextdog and I have to say, I now know it won't be the BC I thought it would be. I know a lot of people I work with would facepalm if they watched me get something without the plan to train it to bite things. lol I...