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  1. otch1

    Long time, no talk!!

    Hope all of you are doing GREAT! I got a birthday greeting from Chazhound last week and realized I missed y'all and wanted to say "hello". Things have been hectic here, showing and training. Haven't finished Kohl yet, due to soundness issue, but he's doing well. Have a new dog, a Pekingese of...
  2. otch1

    Where is Doberluv?

    Was a little worried. She hasn't posted for 5 days. Thought she might be here in WA for a check up from the clinic treating Lyric? Hope everything is o.k.!!
  3. otch1

    Met another Chaz member!

    It's been a lot of fun meeting some of the Chaz members and I hope we have a Puget sound get together soon! Met Doggydaze and his wife today. Very, very nice couple, (very tall and distinguished looking with a twinkle in his eye!) They've certainly done a great job with their new dog! Cece is...
  4. otch1

    Puyallup show

    Is anyone going to the Puyallup show this weekend? Showpug, Babyblue? (I know you're not here yet Doberluv, darn it!!!) We leave 6am tommorrow morning. Just wondering if any Washington/Oregon Chaz members will be there!
  5. otch1


    Hi everyone! Away at a show this weekend. Just wanted to brag to all of the Dobie owners and friends, about Kohl. Took winners dog and best of winners from the 9-12 mo. puppy class on Saturday. First time he's encountered a "no bait or toys allowed in ring" rule, too. Sunday, didn't make winners...
  6. otch1

    Parents with kids in sports.

    Checking to see if there are other parents out there that have issues with kids sports. My son's been programed to be a "jock" of sorts, from day one. (Grandpa's a pro-football coach) He was on the football team in 6th and 7th grade, took an interest in wrestling in 8th grade. He was #1 in...
  7. otch1

    Showpug? Tempura? At the show today?

    Hi there... did anyone go to the Bremerton show? I actually looked for you, Showpug, thinking you might be there. Big Dobie entry 68, Fri and 69 Sat., today. Did the specialty and sweeps w/ Kohl. He got 2nd. Today, first place in puppy class. Then... he started limping!! He was so "off" by the...
  8. otch1

    Seller BEWARE!!

    Just watched this on the news... a family in L.A. advertising AKC Yorkie pups, at $2500.00 per puppy, just had 2 armed gunmen come into their home and steal the entire litter. One held the family at gun point while the other bagged up the puppies and an adult dog in a garbage bag, then left. For...
  9. otch1

    Doberluv,Sizzledog, Dr2, Dob lovers?

    I finally have the picture from Kohls' first show last month. Rose City Classic, in Portland. He turned 6 mos. day of show. We can't use pics for ad oing, too dark, trying to fix... but wanted to show you all how he's grown!!
  10. otch1

    Fabulous Breeders

    I see alot of focus on BYBs', puppy mills and bashing individuals breeding dogs. (Some quite justified in their complaints, having had terrible experiences!) I want to start a thread that lists your favorite breeder! If you've purchased or adopted a purebred pup/dog over the years, what did you...
  11. otch1

    Rose City Classic

    Hi all... I'm back. Was gone past 2 weekends at shows. Back last night from Portland after 4 days of showing Kohl. Proud to say he took 2nd place on Thurs at Doberman Specialty, and 1st place 6-9 mo. puppy Fri. Sat and Sun. plus Reserve winners dog Friday. Couldn't have asked for a better first...
  12. otch1

    Thank you SecretSanta

    Hello everyone!! I've been gone for a bit, after a power outage here. A wind storm Wed. night brought down a tree on one of my horse stalls, smashed in roof. The next night, winds even worse, fencing taken out by another tree and we were without power the past 3 days, until last night. No horse...
  13. otch1

    Kohls' pic for SS

    I finally have that picture of my Dobie pup for my secret santa. Thanks for being patient!Here he is w/one of his breeders. 16 weeks old. Here's dad, 16 months old, at same show with his other breeder. Won Best of Breed both days, then 3rd in group sat. 4th in group Sun. It was a good day!
  14. otch1

    My pictures!!

    Thanks everyone, for help. Finally have some pictures to post so I'm going to go crazy! Lol...
  15. otch1

    posting pictures/help

    Can not seem to move pictures created in photobucket album, to chazhound thread. Someone tried to help me with this yesterday, but still not working. Can someone explain process as if you were instructing a 5 yr old. I really am apparently that challenged on a computer! Lol
  16. otch1

    Stolen showdogs

    I received this info this morning and agreed to post any and everywhere... Stolen show dogs: Help and prayers needed. Sat. Nov. 11th, on the way to a show in Greensboro NC, handler Rob Storey, stopped at a rest stop and took a Golden retriever pup out for a walk in dog area behind building...
  17. otch1

    picture help

    I've had many nice members ask about my dogs, my secret santa's asked for pictures of them. I am having a tough time figuring this out without my teenage sons help!! Trying to pull pictures from files and post them and it's wanting to load the entire file. What am I doing wrong? Any help...
  18. otch1

    Dog owners favorites!

    I'd like to start a thread that collects dog owners favorite training books and videos, in one "location". Sorry, this is not for trainers yet! Groomers and breeders feel free to respond, but trainers.... "leave-it!" Lol. When you got your dog, what book did you find the easiest to understand...
  19. otch1

    Children in your obedience class?!!

    As promissed Dr2, I thought I'd try to get an interesting debate going. This is more for pet owners verses trainers, but I'm sure trainers will reply! How do you feel about children being allowed in your group obedience class? Do you feel that's an unnessecary distraction, would prefer they not...
  20. otch1

    Calling All Trainers

    I found that one simple post... "What do you think about Uncle Matty?", brought trainers out of the woodwork, with some very passionate responses about their methods, technique, areas of expertise and level of experience in their chosen field. Agility, flyball, schutzhund, tracking, competition...