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  1. RD

    Remember me?

    Eve is still alive. :)
  2. RD

    Dog dander/allergies

    Short but sweet: Potential roommate has pretty unpleasant allergies to dog dander. He doesn't want to take any medicine for it, says he will just "nut up". Anything I can do as my dog's owner to make her a bit easier to handle, allergy-wise? Gonna get a good vacuum and some air filters...
  3. RD

    I want some cheap dog toys.

    Need suggestions for anyone who's having a sale! My poor dogs are living in toy poverty and I need to buy them some things to chew and tug on ASAP, before I spend my paycheck on dumb stuff like food.
  4. RD


    Oh my god. Spent the last few hours watching this show and the episode with the doggy daycare and the guy with the kong is killing me.
  5. RD

    In which Eve plays with another dog

    She's come a really long way, I'm so happy! Video evidence that she's no longer a complete social cripple - Sorry for being a blabbermouth during the video, you might want to mute it. Also I owe my stupid boyfriend 10 dollars because I recorded the video wrong. :(
  6. RD

    Keeping her busy while I'm gone

    I've started working nights, full time and I come home absolutely exhausted. Eve thinks when I come home it's playtime. She's bored and isn't cool with sleeping one shift with my boyfriend and the other with me. What can I set up for her so she has something to do for the 10 hours I'm gone and...
  7. RD

    Third shift workers

    Anyone work nights for a big store/corporation? I've been having a rough time getting a job but there's a possibility of a third shift position at a walmart. Not ideal, but it's work. I've been a daytime worker for most of my life so this will be a pretty big change for me. Can anyone...
  8. RD

    Face swelling - halp.

    I got a severe sunburn a couple days ago, and I'm very concerned with how my face is reacting. The area around my forehead, nose bridge and eyes is so swollen I can barely see. My eyes are tiny beady dots surrounded by puffy flesh. It's been like this for a day and a half, and is MUCH worse...
  9. RD

    Eve and Dusk

    I haven't put pics up on Chaz since I got to Ohio, but my boyfriend has an iPhone and I've gotten a few shots. However, most of em have turned out like this. Dusk: LET'S BE FRIENDS DERP! Eve: .... Die.... Don't let that picture fool you, though. She's not always miserable - just...
  10. RD

    HCG diet

    Has anyone tried this or known anyone who has? I hear a lot of really good things about it, but I'm slightly hesitant to jump right into it considering the costs. Is it diabetic-safe? I monitor my blood sugar closely but I wouldn't want to be on a diet that would damage my body.
  11. RD

    Two bad puppies.

    "What? We weren't breaking the screen, we swears it..." Derp. Gonna GET you! And bark in your face. And look cute. Soraya wears out faster than Siren. Cute pupface. And the happiest lil dog ever. That's all for now.
  12. RD

    Panic attacks

    Is it possible for dogs to have completely random panic attacks? I swear to God, Eve's had one today. I woke up this morning to her FLIPPING OUT in my bathroom, scratching the door up and stress-panting like she'd just run a marathon. She's been nervous/anxious ALL FREAKING MORNING. I...
  13. RD

    Cleo's here!

    And oh lordy she's a cool puppy. Pics are coming. She's taken wonderfully to the ex pen and isn't being a horrid little monster and trying to break it down, like certain other puppies were! (cough.. eve.) I love this pup. I almost wish I could keep her.
  14. RD

    Anyone want this?

    She's really sweet and really smart! And I can't keep her, but want her to have a good home.
  15. RD

    So, ladies...

    Let's say your SO makes a new female friend. Let's also say this particular female friend, while apparently being nice to your SO, snubs you. She is cold and uninterested in cultivating any sort of friendship with you despite attempts on your part to get to know her. Would you be totally cool...
  16. RD

    What is good advice in this situation?

    What do you say to a suicidal 17 year old kid in an emotionally (never physically) abusive home? He wants to drop out of high school. Due to his orientation he feared for his physical well-being in his own school, and is now taking online classes. Parents repeatedly threaten him and send him...
  17. RD

    My dog is a burrito.

    That is all.
  18. RD

    Weak pasterns

    Since I've been back, I've noticed that Eve's pasterns are way more flexible than they used to be - not when she's standing, but I notice it when she's walking and running. I know dogs' legs bend down a bit as they age, and BCs always have flexible pasterns, but what's a good way to get hers to...
  19. RD

    Good books?

    I need some reading material for the next 2 days as I'll be traveling. Suggestions?
  20. RD

    I get to see Eve tomorrow!

    She's going to be meeting me at the airport in Tucson. :) 2 and a half months is way too long to be separated from my dog. So yeah. Eve pics incoming, after I'm done hugging her. :)