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  1. RedHotDobe

    Operation Secret Santa

    I had nothing to do with this, but my friend was on the receiving end and was pretty sure that I was the crazy person who threw the gift in his bush. :rofl1:
  2. RedHotDobe

    Christmas and SNOW!

    It was dark, and no amount of shutter speed and high ISO was going to stop this... ...from being a blurry blob. STOP TOUCHING MY SNOW! What does stand still mean? Like this? Am I pretty now? Creeper. Someone was sure he needed to be outside with Rumor...
  3. RedHotDobe

    Helping Wrap Presents

    Neither the cat nor the dog are good at wrapping. Don't hire them. :p These are all just cell phone pictures. I didn't have my camera out. Dreamy just kept walking on top of everything I was trying to use and eating the paper. Here he attempts to wrap himself. Rumor did her typical...
  4. RedHotDobe


    So I made a cheesecake last night, but I didn't use my own oven and I guess this oven cooks hotter than the temperature reads. I checked on it before time was up and it's still ruined. The top of my cheesecake is brown. :( Can I slice the top off or will that look stupid?
  5. RedHotDobe

    Teeth Grinding

    How on earth do I get my dog to stop grinding her teeth? Not only is the sound like nails on a chalkboard, but there is no way it's good for her teeth. She doesn't do it while she's active, just when she's about to settle or has already settled and is laying down.
  6. RedHotDobe

    Red Dog

    Yeah, I never post pictures. And I only have four. Sorry. :p Derp. So serious.
  7. RedHotDobe

    This is why we can't have nice things...

    I had to wait here this morning for a package from FedEx that needed to be signed for. As soon as the truck pulled in front of the house Rumor went ballistic. She knocked the cat out of the window, knocked everything off the stairs that was sitting there waiting to be brought up, flung the...
  8. RedHotDobe

    Parkour Dog

    Has anyone seen this?
  9. RedHotDobe

    I can't take my dog out in public

    We went over to the Starbucks that our friend manages tonight, and brought Rumor so we could hang outside after getting drinks. We walk into the courtyard, and the first thing she does is jump up on a table and just stand there. -_- That's not what tables are for, Rumor! Most of the people...
  10. RedHotDobe

    Anxiety Medication

    I finally got tired of always having to manage my anxiety myself and went to see a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. Nothing revelatory there; I've known I have anxiety for a long time. He prescribed me Celexa, so I filled the prescription and got the generic...
  11. RedHotDobe

    Aggression Issue

    No, not Rumor. A friend asked me for advice, and I figured I'd pass what he told me on to you guys to get even more insight/advice. The information he gave me: he is fine with the immediate family. and fine with MOST people... however it seems as though he seems to have a problem with men...
  12. RedHotDobe

    Cats Either I'm easily amused, or this is actually hilarious. It describes my cats perfectly.
  13. RedHotDobe

    Instagram, anyone?

    Does anyone use it?
  14. RedHotDobe

    10 Reasons Why...

    I don't need to go see a litter of Doberman puppies. Aaaand... GO.
  15. RedHotDobe

    Rumor Likes Snow

    A lot. "Don't judge me." HerpderpSNOW. More...
  16. RedHotDobe

    Volkswagen Commercial (Again)

    It's a different one, I promise. Lol. First one:
  17. RedHotDobe

    Volkswagen Commercial

    Watch it. It's adorable.
  18. RedHotDobe


    As a Christmas/Hanukkah gift from Adam's parents, we'll be visiting California mid-January. Since he sucks at the whole planning thing, he's making me come up with a list of things to do. Sooo... Where should we go and what should we see? We're limited to staying in San Francisco and/or...
  19. RedHotDobe

    Frankendog, with bonus kitteh appearance!

    These are a couple days old now. I wasn't sure anyone would appreciate me sharing photos while she was still bleeding. Of course, the Peanut Gallery was present the entire time the camera was out. Staples come out today! "Who you callin' the Peanut Gallery, lady?" "Hi."...
  20. RedHotDobe

    My Dog Is Broken

    She has a drain... And some stitches... And 39 staples. She looks like Frankendog.