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    Why I put Brenna down.

    as most of you know, I've had to put Brenna to sleep recently, I am only posting this to explain why. I feel better about it now, and have absolutely no regrets about it at all. Pretty much to sum it all up, Brenna got a big lump on the back of her neck a while ago and i had it removed and...
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    RIP, My Sweet Girl

    You where the best, I am lost without you. I can't watch you Suffer, you are in a much better place now, I will never forget you, because you saved me from killing myself and showed me the meaning to life and a reason to live. I will have another dog, but it could never be like you. I will fire...
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    Smart People

    Very very smart. lol
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    wow, cops are here

    Now the police and the K9 unit are here, someone tipped them off about someone having drugs in the dorm room, so they had probable cause to search all the dorm rooms. Of course this had to be right when I was working on a computer build and had my knife on me. What fun. They only give you 10...
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    Kickoff college night!

    So tonight there where carnival games, bingo, and the fire department. Carnival games I didn't go on, but I went for the free food, it was pretty good for hot dogs. Later on was bingo with over $2k in prizes, I didn't want to go, but did since my room mate where going. ended up winning a 20'...
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    All moved in

    Finally got moved in to my college dorm. Got the bed I wanted and even got a room to myself with a good sized closet, the help desk here is as good as ever, my computer still won't go online and I handed in my MAC address and internet sheet in yesterday, what a pain. On the good side, this...
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    Update on truck crash

    The driver of the pickup died shortly after arriving at the hospital. To me I would have been surprised if he did make it, he seemed like a walking zombie when I helped him, and to me it was a decent way to go, his mind was dead on impact, he had no idea who he was or why paint was on him, He...
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    Semi and truck crash bad

    I was awakened suddenly by a loud bang today, after a quick call to 911, I ran outside to find this not even 500Ft from my house. All pictures where taken after the guy in the pickup was in the proper medical care. The semi driver did not get hurt at all. I was the first on the scene. No...
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    How to get a cheap computer projector.

    One may ask why one would want a computer projector, I just wonder why not everyone has one already? N64- 007 GoldenEye has never looked so good. First off you are going to look for a projector with a bad bulb, you need to know what the bad bulb/bulb holder looks like, so once you find one...
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    long time no see

    Yeah yeah, I may be back, Someone talked me into trying out the forum again so it may only be a short time back. Brenna's been doing great, she has made friends with one of our chickens, the big old white chicken looks for her once in awhile too. Edit- added in Interesting things that have...
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    Chazhound Flickr Group- admin wanted

    I am looking for someone to become an admin on the group because I don't plan on sticking around here and it does not make much sense for me to be the only admin when I don't even belong to the forum anymore. I am looking for someone who is active on both Flickr and here at Chaz. Would Prefer...
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    What the hell is wrong with people?

    Nevermind, just need to say that due to recent events I will be gone for awhile.
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    Brownies anyone??

    Under 5 Minutes to make. Yummy! OOoooooooooooooo, It's nice and gooey!!!! NNNNOOOOO!!!! It gone. Your jealous now, huh? The hardest part it waiting for it to cool down.
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    Did somebody want Corgi Pics?

    I thought so. Well I only got one of the Corgis today, the other one found a home before I went down which is good. On the way down. Modified a FM transmitter for better signal - Need my music. Crates ready in the back of the shelter van for the Corgi and the poodle. The Poodle, or better...
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    Things to do with pop can tabs?

    I know you can weave them into shirts and stuff but what else can you do with the tabs? This is why I am asking.(The box is full now)
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    oh oh oh next project.

    I nabbed this little beauty up a couple of a couple of days ago, was sitting on the curb in town with a sign that said Free/Runs. Needless to say I nabbed it up Quick and put the free sign in the glove box so no one nabbed it out of my Tracker. It has a 3 horse 2 stroke side shaft engine in...
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    Uh oh, External hard drive woes

    I bought me a couple new externals about 3 months ago, 2 of them that have everything exactly the same on them. Newegg had a really good dead on a 1TB drive and the week after they had a good deal on a SATA enclosure. Here's the problem, both hard drives have 1.43 GB of free space left on them...
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    Nightmare Kitty

    Here is Binx, My very own Nightmare kitty. Yes, he WILL kill you in your sleep. You don't need to get any closer, but just to scare you even more here ya go.
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    Need to wake up?

    Try this. (Please ignore the gash on my thumb, a JRT and me did not agree) Take one bag of sour skittles and dump in a short(Yes short not shot) glass, Put hot water in the glass just deep enough to cover the skittles, stir until the color coating is off the skittles and they have turn very...
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    Lenovo Sucks (Rant)

    Majorly. I have about 2 months of full coverage left on my POS Thinkpad R61i laptop. I finally got it fixed sort of today, no thanks to Lenovo, I have told them over and over that the Processor is overheating and is shot due to over heating. But no, all they do is re image that hard drive...