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    Question Regarding Humane vs Inhumane Treatment

    I'm a little hormonal and prone to overreaction due to it so I thought I'd run this by a few probably more reasonable people. I just had someone ask me to come pick up a cat that is chronically ill... gets sick and then better, then sick again... and if I didn't they were going to shoot the...
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    Probably silly question... but...

    I figured you guys would be the ones to ask. I'm trying to find a way to have my dogs have their legally required but also god awful hideous rabies tags on their collars and thereby on them without me having to look at them. I just... find them repulsive. Granted, the Aussies go to great...
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    My Poor Marzi

    He isn't eating.... he's dropping weight like no tomorrow..... He's basically fur and bones at the moment and angry with me for making him eat canned food. :( My baby is scaring me.
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    Wish Me Luck!

    Over the last year or so I've managed to land myself in awesome financial dire straights. I finally have a job prospect that will lead to my recovery over time... the catch: I have to pass the state personal lines insurance licensing exam. If I fail, the company terminates me. I lose my...
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    Omg omg omg!

    I could burst I'm soooo stoked! I got hired last week with the local health food store which I am happy to work for because they are an awesome place to be. I just got offered a full time job offer with Nationwide!!!!!!!!!! :yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes: THANK YOU! :hail:
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    Which Combo Vaccine?

    Hey guys... I've got people telling me everything from a 5-way to an 8-way vaccine is best for the dogs and I was wondering what you all say. I want my dogs protected and healthy but I don't want to put money out that isn't needed either. We all need to save where we can. Thanks!
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    Would you..... for those of us with human kids...

    Would you allow your kids go to someone's house and play with other kids if you weren't allowed to be there? Just curious.
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    Help! Help with Ransom!

    Ok.... I love him. I really do but there is one thing he's doing that he needs to stop and he needs to stop NOW. Ransom is tormenting the cats. Now, I knew there would be some work that needs to be done because he's a herding dog and the cats are stock to him... but this is beyond what I...
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    Question to help my mom...

    My mom lives in a tiny blink-and-you've-missed-it town. She has her horse with another horse on a farm and the owners of the property have this dog - and akita/ GSD mix.... and she is 9 months old and just came into heat. The people who own the dog didn't know this... my mom had to TELL them...
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    Grrrr... Maybe I Need a Reality Check

    So, I supervise and close the store I work at BOTH nights it closes. The other days, it's open 24 hours. The nights I close are FRIDAY and SATURDAY.... nights NO ONE else wants to work, let alone close. And I'm kinda miffed because I get paid the same amount as the people I'm supervising...
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    Aussies and Borders OH MY!

    I was asked for more pictures of puppers.... so here's the puppers! Ransom says: You really wanna see more of me? Azure says: And me? Ok... but we iz just gonna play and pretend you not here k? MORE!
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    Toy Recommends?

    What is with the Orbee balls? Shye LOVES the Hurlee and his Kong.... I don't know what else to get him. River destroys rope with a rapidity that is bordering on scary. Shye eats anything stuffed.... rips it apart. He loves them but I can't find anything he won't pull apart in under five...
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    Pictures of Puppies

    Ok, I know A LOT of you have been asking for more puppy pictures and I took more puppy pictures. I did. They are on my compact flash card. Technical difficulty though with the computer that has the card reader in it. It crash go boom. :madgo: So, I have to get a card reader or something...
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    Cratey Question

    Ok, I've never crate trained prior to these dogs. They just wandered about the house freely. I've always thought of Border Collies as a medium sized dog and so what I was wondering is: Should I be crating in a 42" crate or a 36" crate? The manufactures say 42" but Shye and River are almost...
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    Introducing "Ransom" and "Azure"

    This is Ransom.... he's a red tri Australian Shepherd. HAI! I get broughted here and then they bathsded me... and naow I iz plum tuckered out. My brother is the Merley Monster... his name's Azure. I iz sleepy too Up close and personal and ZONKED OUT (more)
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    Here's Mah Shye baby....

    We got dumped on... this was Shye and I in the snow Friday. Enjoy! He's such a handsome BOY! And... sooo happy! Don't ask me what I'm doing with my ears... (2more)
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    New Addition to the Chaz Family!

    I had my heart set on a Merley Monster and you guys all did a wonderful job of not talking me out of adopting one ;) but the shelter decided to adopt him to someone else who could come look at him while I was working over the weekend. I am sad, but I hope Dre got himself a stellar home. So...
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    Kitties From Mah Zoo

    Ok... so I haven't posted pics cause I couldn't find the charger for my camera battery but I have and this is what I've been doing. No... you no callz peoplez naow... I dunno wherez youz phone. Okayz.. Iz ready for mah closeup Being cute is TIRING! This is what has become of my...
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    Someone talk me out of this

    Okay, so I randomly check even though I know I shouldn't. It just breaks my heart to see all the homeless animals and I keep thinking some of them belong with me.... then I find this guy.... Poor baby! I want...
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    Barking, Barking, and more Barking

    Alright, so I have two Border Collies that are crated for the night in the basement under the stairs. I have lived by myself with the rest of furkids and my son with them for months. Shye has always been bothered by noises and barks at just about anything that he doesn't recognize, including...