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  1. dojo

    Dogs in Romania

    it is not my site... But I found it yesterday while indexing some romanian sites for my new directory. I was shocked, but yes, this it the situation in my country. Dogs in Romania There are very few charitable projects and we have almost no chance to survive or do something. They are...
  2. dojo - saving stray dogs one at a time

    I live in a small country somewhere in the Central-Eastern part of Europe: Romania. We have some social problems (after 50 years of Comunist rule and 17 or a missunderstood Capitalism): low wages (150-200 USD a month), a very high level of corruption and tens of thousands of stray dogs. In my...
  3. dojo


    Hello. I have already posted here some messages, but then it occured to me that i have failed to make a proper introduction :eek: My real name is Ramona. I am a woman from Romania. I'm 27 right now and I work as a radio DJ and a freelance designer. I practice Karate and since I am very...