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  1. SalemWitchChild

    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    Kota's vet has put her on some medication for allergies. The med is called Depo-Medrol Injection. The problem is that if she keeps taking this med it can cause liver failure. This is a long shot, but does anyone know of any supplements or OTC medicine that will help her? We've already tried...
  2. SalemWitchChild

    Cheapest Place to Buy

    I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy quality dog food online. The brands I'm looking at most are Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul or TOTW. I've found Chicken soup for $57.27 with shipping here. Anyone know of a cheaper place to buy it online (Shipping price included)? Some...
  3. SalemWitchChild

    Hello Again

    Hello everyone. I don't know if anyone remembers me. I'm normally on another forum but at the moment I'm bored so I'm cheating. :rolleyes: Anyway, my life has changed a lot. I haven't been on this board since 2009! :eek: Anyway, I still have my collie Kota but she is living with my mother at...
  4. SalemWitchChild

    Boston Zoo May Close, Euthanize Hundreds of Animals

    Boston Zoo May Close, Euthanize Hundreds of Animals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boston Zoo May Close, Euthanize Hundreds of Animals - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - The Franklin Park Zoo, a...
  5. SalemWitchChild

    While were sharing zoo pics.

    So after seeing the zoo pic thread (Great pics btw) I thought I'd add my own to the mix. This is the Louisville KY zoo. Taken a couple months ago. Rhino's are one of my favorites. Kinda fuzzy but purdy birds. Loving moms mating dance. They were pretty funny to watch...
  6. SalemWitchChild

    Offering Siggies & Avatars

    I'm bored. Extremly so. If you'd like an avatar or siggie I'd be happy to make them. Please be patient if I get a lot of requests. Here is some examples of my work. GimpSigs pictures by salemwitchchild - Photobucket I'm still learning a lot so I'm not perfect. But I'll do my best. :)...
  7. SalemWitchChild

    Kota Pics + My cats

    Kota is 5 yrs old now. Time sure does fly! Which is why I love to take pictures. Never want to miss any stages of their life. The basset is my mothers newest dog Sophie. Someone was giving her away in the Walmart parking lot. Sophie was 12 weeks old and they were complaining she was...
  8. SalemWitchChild

    Not new, but HI

    Hello everyone. I'm not a new member. But my normal forum seems to be down and I'm having major dog forum withdraw. :yikes: So thought I'd hop over here for now. I hope everyone is having a safe and hopefully dryer Independence day. We've been rained out here unfortunately. For those that...
  9. SalemWitchChild

    Long time no see

    My pc crashed and I forgot about this forum.. I hope everyone has been well. Kota is doing great. She has a new friend "Puff" who is a maine coon mix I adopted at our local shelter. I suppose you'd like pics.. Honestly, who wouldn't wanna see my pooch. She had a birthday! She's...
  10. SalemWitchChild

    My daughers first Pony

    Grandma and Grandpa bought my daughter (Sierra) a pony. She will be 5 soon so it's kinda a birthday present. His name is Ponyboy and he's about 20+ years young. :D
  11. SalemWitchChild

    Someone is copying my posts

    Someone copied my question about mushrooms and posted it on another dog forum. It is word for word. They didn't even change my dogs name! Why would they do this??????????
  12. SalemWitchChild

    Are Mushrooms poisonous?

    I know some mushrooms can be poisonous to even people. But today while I was outside playing with my daughter I found some wild mushrooms growing. This is in an area where Kota is normally tied out for some fresh air and to potty. I pulled all the mushrooms up that I could find. My question is...
  13. SalemWitchChild

    Poor Wet Dog

    I'm a mean momma...making Kota go outside to potty in the rain........:popcorn:
  14. SalemWitchChild

    Collie Picture spamage.........

    Kota & Kayla (Kota's Sister) got to play at the park today. My daughter, me, and my mom are also there. hm.. Mom seemed to have stayed out of the camera's view in these pictures.
  15. SalemWitchChild

    What is in your Dog Shampoo. A rundown of ingredients

    What is in your dog Shampoo. An explanation of what some of those ingredients are. Please note, I am not a chemist. I am not responsible if this information is incorrect or incomplete. I may be responsible for typing errors though. In the presense of a manufactorers name I have added ** in...
  16. SalemWitchChild

    When Kota Attacks

    Kota praying before she eats hand..... I see my objective..... Test bite..... Gotcha
  17. SalemWitchChild

    Video of Kota Kota got to play with the neighbors new puppy. She doesn't know how to play with him though without hurting him.. and the pup is a bit afraid of her.
  18. SalemWitchChild

    Can someone do a signature for me?

    Hey I was looking at y'alls sig lines and I was wondering if someone much more talented than I could do one for me?
  19. SalemWitchChild

    Suds-N-More Pet Shampoo Store

    Hello. I would like to introduce my eBay store to all of you. I sell Kenic Pet Care products on eBay. All products are natural, detergent and soap free formulations. I ship fast and have an excellent feedback rating. Please check out my store. Suds-N-More Pet Shampoo Thank you for your...
  20. SalemWitchChild

    Video of Kota Me and Kota Kota & her Sister out on mom's farm.