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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    Say this.. "That's my dog!" "Good boy!" "Chip, sit!":D
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    Great New Product

    "We have had our collar for over a week now and truly..." Check out what users think of the #CanineStar YardMaster 202S***65279;
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    Thanks! I had no idea that some of the food I gave my dog caused him problems. Thanks for this! Great read!
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    Hey everyone!

    Hello Welcome to the Chaz! Hope you have a great time interacting with everyone! :)
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    Foundation Agility

    Solid Foundation I don't think you need a solid foundation in obedience in order to be successful at agility, because obedience is something you continue to work on or add on.
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    Greetings from FL

    Hello Hello! Welcome to the community!
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    The loss of my trio

    Sorry for your loss Very sorry for your loss. I look forward to the time when you can once again keep and love a new dog. The pain will go away.
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    Halloween is around the corner

    Plans None as of the moment, but thanks for reminding! Gotta get our costume-game going!
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    Halloween is around the corner

    Plans None as of the moment, but thanks for reminding! Gotta get our costume-game going!
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    Tourist adopts stray dog who recued her from harassing strangers

    Heartwarming What a heartwarming story, hope I could read more of these kinds of information.
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    She was killed today

    Sorry Sorry for your loss. RIP Lacy.
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    Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

    Natural Kids are natural dog trainers, it shouldn't be a problem with kids, but with a baby, they do not have developed sense of balance or motor skills yet. Give it some time. :)
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    8 month old Lab Mix- Just won't Stop

    Tip Train. Challenge them mentally, not just physically. Give no free food, reward them for obeying commands. Start early. :)
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    Traveling this summer

    Yep Yep, that's a Julius Harness. Still a dangerous world out there, for the driver and other motorists. Strap your dog in, but please be careful when you drive. Avoid texting while driving. :)
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Puppy Plan I love big dogs, so I plan to get a new Lab pup very soon!
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    Hi everyone! I am Suzie

    Welcome! Hello, Suzie! Welcome to Chazhound! I just watched your video and Schauzers are indeed a special breed, so cute! I'm pretty sure you will love it here. I have!
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    When do you stop training your dog?

    My Lab is now about 6 years old. I stopped training her when I considered her house-ready and that was when she was about 2. Now, I am about to get a new pup and am concerned whether or not my Lab needs training in adjusting to having another pet in the house? Need your help with this. Thanks.
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    "Your Pet Wants this" on Animal Planet

    Re: Chapstick for dogs? That's interesting. LOL:rofl1:
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    15 Reasons Why Your Dog is The Best Friend You Ever Had

    Great read Thanks for this! Such a great read!
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    Letting pets sleep in your bed can kill you!

    Dogs in Bed I've always let my pets share the bed with my kids, it has never been a problem. It does so much to teach the kids responsibility.