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  1. jfn

    Nina and the Santa Claus toy!

    Hi everyone! Watch this. To get you warmed up for Christmas! Nina went crazy with the Santa Claus toy :lol-sign: hugs
  2. jfn

    Teaching dog to beg

    Hi everyone! Teaching Nina to beg. What do you think?
  3. jfn

    Training fetch

    Hi everyone! Now started to train fetch with Nina. Video on that link. Hope you like it.
  4. jfn

    Training dog to give paw

    Hi everyone, Now am training my dog to give paw :) It's been fun! People love to see it when our dogs do this. :popcorn: In that link there's a video and instructions in case you'd like to teach your dog too. cheers
  5. jfn

    Teaching dog to come

    Hi everyone! Starting to train my dog to come. Here is a blog post/video on how I plan to do that: If you are training your dog too please let me know so that we can share experiences. Thanks!
  6. jfn

    Teaching dog to stay

    Hi everyone! Nina just learned to lie down! Now am starting to teach her to stay: Everyone is invited to teach your dog along with...
  7. jfn

    Teaching dog to lie down

    Hi everyone! I'm starting to teach my dog to lie down. Who would like to join by training your dog too?!
  8. jfn

    Tomorrow starts Nina's training

    Hi! Tomorrow I'll start teaching Nina her first trick, which will be to learn how to sit. Here is the procedure I'll use to teach her to sit Wish me luck :) You are invited to train your dog along with me as well !
  9. jfn

    Join me on training our dogs to do some cool tricks!

    Hi! Next monday (a week from today) I'll start training my dog Nina (link on signature) to do some cool fun tricks. :) Would like to invite you to start with me training your dogs too. Go to the following link to learn how this is going to work and how you can participate...
  10. jfn

    The story of your pet

    Hi everyone! I created for people to tell the stories of their pets.:) Would like to invite you to share the story of your pet there!!! Just click on the link "Tell about my pet" in the menu. The story of mine is on the link of my signature. Cheers!
  11. jfn

    Url in the signature

    Hi! How do I add a url to the signature? I created the following signature but the link displays as regular text (non-clickable). If I enclose it with the [URL] BB tag, I get the message: "BB code url is not allowed." "Meet my dog Nina at" I...
  12. jfn

    Hi everyone!

    Hello there! I'm really glad to join the chazhound community. This site is really cool! Lots of great people and interactions. I have a shihtzu dog called Nina and she's awesome! Really enjoy spending time with her. You can meet her at Cheers!