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    Help! Puppie's house training getting worse!

    Hi everyone! I have a 13 week old labrador puppy. I have had him a month now. First of all i will tell you my routine. We all go to bed at 12;30. Puppy goes potty outside just fine and i crate him up for the night. I get up at 5am every morning to take him outside. He goes potty fine...
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    What do you think to this breeder?

    Im buying a labrador puppy soon and i am keeping my eyes peeled for breeders with pups. I have seen these pups advertised online and i think they look good. Im in the uk...
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    Help! vets refuse home visit!

    This thread is about my sick cat! He has always been a sickly cat from the word go. We had him and his sister given too us by a friend who lost her home about 18 monthes ago. He has always vomited once a day. We took him to the vets and he has been on various meds all have failed...
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    Would you buy from these breeders??

    I gave my puppy ruble back to the breeder. he was a sickly puppy and went down hill very quickly being away from his mum too early. Lost my money but i would rather that then him die. I will not get another dog till next year now. March time i think. And im planning on getting a whippet boy...
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    What do you feed your dogs?

    Im interested in what other people feed their dogs. Atm my 6 week puppy is eating Applaws dry small/medium breed food (75% meat, rest is veggies and grain free) with butchers wet (54% meat) just for his toy kong. So prob about a teaspoon 3 times a day atm. Hoping to try him on some raw...
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    Help! new puppy grinding me into the dirt!

    Ok i got my new 6 week old puppy (bedlington x whippet x staffy) on saturday. He is with us earlyer then he should be because the bitch had 9 pups and struggled to produce enough milk for all of them. Anyway The text to say could we have him early was just as i was getting a hefty stomach...
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    Whats considered a pit bull?

    ok im confused now! this is a basic link describing a certain group of dogs to be a pit bull. But how does this wok out with the uk law against them? A staffy is called a pit bull as well as some other less well known breeds. Yet only a certain...
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    Spammers all around!

    Whats with this losers? we got another one now listing viagra and inhancher sites! its sad really :spam:
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    Giving up

    As alot of you no i have been considering rehoming bruno for some monthes now and i think it in his best interests to rehome him. i have gone over n over this in my head n asked advice but i truely think he would be better off. i would be very selfish if i kept him. due to me now working...
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    My lil rabbit miracles! PICTURES! warm thoughts needed! its a long thread and it took ages writing it and i have to go feed them again so here is the link to my thread and pictures provided! :hail: here is one picture to encourage you hehe:lol-sign:
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    The penny game! for your family and friends to play!

    Hi i have recently invented a new game to play especially at partys! right you gather your friends of at least ten people to make it fun! more the better! you all group together in a circle! pref with back to the circle, and you start off with a larger coin! you put it between your teeth...
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    Help! dog wont stay off furniture while out!

    Hi my dog stays in my bedroom with me, he isnt aloud in the rest of the house but he has a huge garden to himself. by the way im on the ground floor and i have the back door in my bedroom i have a bunk bed in my room a double on the bottom n single on the top. i sleep on top and i store...
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    Funny videos/pictures thread!

    Every now n then when we are feeling blue we need something to cheer us up! i reckon a funny videos and pictures thread will do just that! post anything of yourselves, pets, events, videos that you happen to stumble accross on youtube! no matter as long as its funny! i will start with...
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    Vote for my pictures in pet pic compitition!

    Hi i have 4 pictures in the compitition! two are of bruno my dog in my avatar! and two of my rabbits! one baby im bottle feeding and my 20 pound continental giant im holding! please vote for them!:hail:
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    How do i teach my dog to track???

    Hi im interested in teaching my dog to track things. at the moment im showing him favourite food in a toy, let him sniff it and i use the command smell it, i go hide it in the wind on the garden. i let him loose and say find it, sometimes i have to walk with him and he smells it out, usually...
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    Harry potter...19 years earlyer! (spoilers)

    HI! I am not the writer of this fanfic nor do i have any connection with the writer. i simply stumbled upon this trying to find an alternative ending for the last hp book. there are spoilers on the link so if you have not read the book dont click on the link And boy did i find it! i love...
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    Any vet users on this forum? advice needed

    its sunday so cannot call the vet till tomorrow. this is about my rabbit. there is mixi every where in the uk at the moment and sadley he has got it. some of the others had it before so they were put down. now we had them all vacinated on wednesday but he was obvoiusly incubating it...
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    Please bann the spammers! (trolls)

    sign this if you think the forum should be rid of these people, we all know who these users are!:mad:
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    Story telling game!

    ok i will start by writing the beginning. it can be as short, long, smart and stupid as you like! There was once a man from france.................:popcorn:
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    Just bought dog first aid kit

    9 Alcohol prep pads 3 Povidone iodine 9 Antiseptic towelettes 3 Antibiotic ointments 1 Scissors 1 Tweezers 2 Splinter removers 1 Tape roll ½†x 5 yards 5 Cotton tip applicators 1 Sterile eyewash (1 oz.) 6 Sterile gauze dressings 2†x 2†1 Heavy trauma pad 5†x 9†2...