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  1. LuvsDogs

    Forum jump

    All the other forums I go on have a forum jump after the post box. It's annoying here to have to scroll to the top to get to each forum. Nearly as long to scroll to the 'Top' at the bottom of the page.
  2. LuvsDogs

    Tilba turns one.

    Yesterday, Mon January 19 2009, Tilba had her 1st birthday. Here she is with one of her presents. Looking pretty. My little girl is growing up.
  3. LuvsDogs

    Sooty's birthday.

    My son's dog Sooty turns 8 years old today. Happy Birthday Sooty.
  4. LuvsDogs

    I'm back!

    I've had a little trouble posting since last year. Back on track now. Since my last visit, my Border Collie April passed to Rainbow Bridge in February. I miss her dearly & sometimes feel she is still with me. The most exciting news is, I now have a new Border Collie pup, 15.5 weeks old. I...
  5. LuvsDogs

    Not so good pic of Sooty

    This is a pic my son took on his mobile phone, so not real clear but so far its the only one I have of Sooty.
  6. LuvsDogs

    We forgot Sooty's birthday

    Sooty was 7 yrs old on Tuesday & we all forgot :( . Admittedly I've been in bed sick & never gave it a thought. :hail: Forgive us Sooty. :) Happy Birthday for Tuesday, Sooty.:)
  7. LuvsDogs

    Jimmy's box

    :p This was told this morning on TV. School children were asked to bring in something from their parents work. The candy store's daughter brought in a bag of candy. The liquor store's son, Jimmy, brought in a large, heavy box that was leaking. The teacher put his finger to the wet spot &...
  8. LuvsDogs

    RIP Bluey & Big Bird.

    Last Thursday my husbands lorikeet, Big Bird died. Ten days prior, out budgie, Bluey also died, of old age.: We miss our little friends.
  9. LuvsDogs


    Sooty, my son's 6 1/2 yr old mixed breed dog is going into hospital on the 21st to have one of her anal glands removed on the 22nd. She has had recurrent bouts of trouble with it. The last time, a few months ago, the vet thought the swelling she had might have been cancer. After treatment with...
  10. LuvsDogs

    Hello from Oz.

    :p Hello, I'm new to this site. I discovered it this morning & saw that it looks like the place to be to talk all about dogs, my favorite subject.:lol-sign: I'm married with 3 adult sons. We have 2 dogs, April my 14 y/o Border Collie, my son's mixed breed dog Sooty, 1 kitten, 2 birds & 3 mice...