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    My 6 week Old Stafford Terrier wont pee or poop on pad advice

    Releasing your impatience on your pup could let her associate the cage as a type of punishment, so you're better to conduct her with some positive reinforcement. Try to observe her poo time and behaviors. Once she is going to "take action", move her to the pads. If she does, praise her and give...
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    1. Give the dog a safe place where he can go in a storm. That might be an open crate, a basement where the dog can't hear or see what's happening outside, an interior room with music playing, or a bathroom. 2. In the winter, desensitize your dog to the sounds of a storm. Play a CD of thunder...
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    Akita Inu (Japanese) Breed

    I totally agree with Wildside Unlimited. My friend has two cats and a male Akita. They can live in harmony without a crate or leash because the Akita is very good at other felines. The male Akitas are always very tall and strong, so her Akita posted huge threats to the cats when he came home...
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    Inducing vomit dog

    I agree on Deena. The dose of hydrogen peroxide should be prescribed by the vet according to your pup situation. Mistakenly abusing the peroxide may induce severe side effect and even threaten to his life, so what you should do now is to contact your vet and put your pup in the crate for...
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    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    A dog could have separation anxiety if he grew up with only the owner, but we can avoid or get rid of the separation anxiety by socializing him in the puberty. Try to start from walking your pup with your families or friend and let others hold the leash, so he can get used to walking by other...
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    My dog doesn't eat the food given.

    Do you feed him the same food? My dog also dislikes her food if she has eaten the same food for a long time (about 4 months). But if I change another flavor of food, she is eager to eat it than before. You can turn into different flavor food or add some wet food into the dry food. However, my...
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    Advice please

    Every dog has different temperaments, some of them would be affectionate and enthusiastic (to you and other canines), but others may need time to get on well on a new owner, especially for the senior dog. I think you can continue to pet her and give her enough love, as long as she has no...
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    How to untrain my Chihuahua?

    I think a 7-year-old dog has a fixed peeing habit and declining learning ability. It's hard to change an old habit, just like a person, so you should pay more patience to repeat the same method once you have decided.