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    dog star daily Ian Dunbar's latest project-- looks neat :)
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    Innova, Canidae - a topic carried over from the Orijen thread

    The subject came up about the difference in price between Canidae and Innova. It was brought up as a major drawback about Innova - that their prices are out of line. My take on it was a bit different. From what I can gather Canidae is certainly cheaper for some comparable products including...
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    Rosie gets another HIT

    We had an APDT rally-o trial tonight and Rosie was great-- got the High In Trial.:D I wasn't sure how it would go since the building was really echoey and there were a ton of dogs for all sorts of events: rally, OB, conformation etc Rosie had three great scores all over 200 (possible 200...
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    broaching a very delicate topic-- need advice-- Dr2, OTCH, Doberluv, anyone with tact

    I am currently boarding a young Golden (15 months) for a friend that I met and walk with most mornings at our park. The owners are very nice people, they are both doctors. They are wonderful parents and committed 1st time dog owners. They really try to give this dog the best of the best- he...
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    How come nobody fills out their profiles?

    Just curious. I find it nice especially on a big board to be able to quickly read people's profiles and sort of "get to know them" and remember them that way. This is such a big community, it would be nice to be able to click on the name and go "oh ya, that's the young dog trainer or stay at...
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    for Sage

    Got this e-mail from a dognerd friend. thought you'd get a kick out of it. HELP NEEDED ASAP: Please help!!!! After two long years of being on a waiting list for an agility dog, we have been notified by the breeder that, at long last, our number has come up and ... WE ARE HAVING A...
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    Homer's situation got me thinking

    about the different way we perceive aggression in dogs vs in humans. If Elegy had posted that she went on a first / second / third date and the guy had roughed her up, hit her etc, would any of us have said she should seek counselling and try to make it work with him ? Would we feel badly for...
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    hmmm just a gross boy thing or do we need to go see the vet?

    I've notices Sammy licking his weiner lately. :eek: He was doing it 3-4 times a day. He's not a juvenile, this isn't a "for fun" thing :p He looks like a cat giving himself themselves a bath only just the one region. He often comes home after a walk and cleans all his feet (it's still...
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    Where the heck is Elegy?

    anyone? I have a hankering for some luce and mushroom pics
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    wowee-my new fav amazing tricks video (not me)

    I've watched it three times. LOVE it.
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    My problem with "NILIF"

    I posted this on another forum and got some really interesting food for thought from some brillinat dog trainers so I'll cross post it here too. NILIF (nothing in life is free) is the thing I most commonly hear suggested on every online forum for just about any dog related problem people...
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    8 rules for using aversives

    for Carrie, as promised I had the opportunity to go to clicker expo and see Steve White who is a police dog trainer. He was fabulous. He started his career in dogs in the military and police using fairly scary compulsion methods. He now uses clicker training type methods , although obviously...
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    back from clicker expo LA

    It was great! I was blown away but what lots of the speakers are training in dogs and other species these days-- really inspiring stuff both with dogs and in the zoos. I got to see Ken Ramirez who has been a zoo animal trainer and marine animal trainer for 30 yrs. I think he was my...
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    weekend herding fun

    We were away on the weekend for another Randy Dye herding clinic. Boy was it fun. I got in 3 runs on Rosie and Sammy got 4. Both dogs are doing really well. Rosie herds like an aussie, so she's having a bit more trouble balancing stock because she works in a bit too close ( up the sheeps...
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    really proud of the dogs

    Someone just e-mailed me the Canadian APDT National Rally Obedience rankings. Sammy is ranked #12 and Rosie is #16 :D Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or just how much I love these dogs but I'm almost in tears I'm so proud of them. Their ranking aren't a big deal, rally is just an emerging...
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    Emma Parsons aggression seminar

    Was fabulous. She exceeded my expectations. First of all I was absolutely horrified when she described Ben, her Golden who had serious dog-dog aggression to the point of getting so over the top he aggresses complete with spit and vomit at the sound of tags jingling or a car door opening...
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    Thanks Suzanne118!

    For the very cool new siggy!:D
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    see if I finally figuired out how to add this siggy
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    Anyone going to Clicker expo?

    or the APDT or CAPDT conferences?
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    I'm back

    Hey everybody , I used to post here maybe a year or so ago and I'm back- just couldn't stay away:D I'm Heather. I'm a married Mom of one 4 yr old , two dogs and a cat. I have a border collie named Sammy and an aussie named Rosie. We do rally-o, agility and herding. I look forward to getting...