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  1. adoptashelterpettoday

    Tragic Event

    This is so horribly sad. i am back after a time away and this is just horrible. RIP Mia, brave dog. I am so very sad to hear this. What a superb example of the breed. I hope that jerk gets what he deserves, although Karma eventually will catch up with him. I am so sorry Miakoda. I...
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    Rescued dog beats parvo & distemer to raise $ for charity

    Portrait of the artist as a young dog. By Ann Parker Special for The Republic April 15, 2000 Spanky doggedly pursues career in world of art. Pit bull's paintings raise funds for charitable causes Referred to as the "Pitcasso" of the art world, southeast Valley resident Spanky cuts...
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    JLS Dals is GREAT!!!!!! I would also suggest Melody (my fav dal breeder, she also rescues dals), she breeds rarely but her dogs are top quality & she is a VERY nice person! (Looks like she has puppies too!) Another one of my favs (think she just had a...
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    It sounds like they have already been reclaimed. I sure hope so.
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    The pitbull arguement {rant}

    There is a guy at work who I pass by about 2 or 3 times a day. He is a security guard. He asked me one day what breeds of dogs I owned. When I told him I owed a pit bull he immediatly started telling me how I need to "get rid" (euthanize) her. I argued with him about it. In the argument he told...
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    MSPCA -- methuen mass

    Do you have a link to the site?
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    Dog has message for vick

    Okay this is funny..
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    Email the NFL to keep Vick OUT!

    I think if enough people throw a fit then they will do something.
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    $1000 for a rescue dog??

    From a poor quality breeder they are about $1200 after looking online well bred EBs (or even ones with a CH sire or dam) go for $2000+
  10. adoptashelterpettoday

    $1000 for a rescue dog??

    Do you have the website of the rescue who is charging that much? THat might help settle the debate :) There are some bad rescues out there.
  11. adoptashelterpettoday

    $1000 for a rescue dog??

    I know a couple people off of other forums who adopted EBs from rescue. If you want a $400 dog an EB is NOT the dog for you. They have tremendous health issues and it does take a lot of $ to care for them. I have never had one but talked extensively with people who have.. Firstly, EBs can NOT...
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    Things not looking good for possible new addition

    You might contact the rescue and tell them the situation and ask if they have a foster home that will take care of mama & babies and allow them to adopt the babies out, they would probably give you mama back once her babies were weaned. It would be worth a shot. Most of the time rescues have...
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    I Did Not Go To The Bridge Today ( Pics Of Rescue)

    My deaf dal "listens" a lot better than my hearing dal. Sorry about Mr. Doc. :(
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    $1000 for a rescue dog??

    I have a friend who ocassionaly rescues English bulldogs (although not a lot need rescuing). She has one right now who is going to cost her well over $1000 in health problems, THAT is why they charge so much for them. They are prone to more health problems than other breeds. I do not know...
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    I Did Not Go To The Bridge Today ( Pics Of Rescue)

    What a beauty!! Good for you Aussie, she is so pretty and looks so happy. Good luck in your new home Janet!
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    As a pet owner where do you draw the line.........

    I have never showered with my dog, I do get in the bath tub (with clothes on) to hold them sometimes when they are being bathed but we do not take a shower together. That is just really weird to me. I have never dressed my dogs up in any clothes. I dont like it but to each their own! I...
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    you only like pits because your a dog lover

    My new point to people who argue about how vicious pit bulls are is if pit bulls are so vicious then how did someone walk into my back yard and steal my pit bull? Maybe Ani just missed the memo *l* And how come I have volunteered at a shelter for 2 years now and I have NEVER been bitten by a...
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    Neuter or Not?

    My mom has a GSD mix who calmed down a LOT when he got fixed. Yes, getting fixed does make some dogs (and cats) gain weight but i wouldnt say it makes them lazy in the least. I think it depends on the dog. My GSD mix is a year now, he was fixed at 8 weeks (yes is wayyy too early but the...
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    Yup, I am the Dalmatian owner. Neither of my two are really high energy. That being said, one of them is epileptic and is on phenobarbital. My younger girl has never been energetic at all. She likes to go for walks, OF COURSE! But she doesnt eat my house if I dont take her for one...
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    She is staying

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I was very bad by letting her stay outside in the mornings but I never would have thought!!! The guy who "found" her admitted that he took her to his uncle's house where he has the dogs he breeds. I didnt call the cops, I did talk to AC about it and let's...