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    Need advice re:puppy nipping

    My parents brought a German Shepherd mix home from an animal shelter 3 weeks ago. He was listed as a Keeshond mix and having just lost their 13 year old Keeshond in December, my Mom decided to bring him home. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was primarily Shepherd. My mom was attacked by a...
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    Keeshond Breeders

    My parents dog, the dog I grew up with, passed away last Monday. My mom swore up and down that she would never get another dog, but she and my Dad both confessed to each other that they have been looking at Keeshond websites. Dad is looking at rescues, but Mom refuses to get a rescue. She is...
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    Show Dog on Craigslist

    Gorgeous former show dog needs new home I emailed the breeders in case they have a contract. I feel bad for the dog, it looks like they put a lot into him just to let him live outside and in their basement.
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    Huge Photo Dump- Maya and Murphy in the Snow

    Well I promised pics today since we planned to take the dogs hiking. The snow put a stop to that, but it worked out just as well. We made today all about the dogs, plenty of playtime, and later on they will get plenty of cuddle time. We thought Murphy didn't like the snow, but it turns out he...
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    New Maya and Murphy Pics

    I got a new Nikon D60 and since I've been working like crazy the dogs are the only things I've had time to take pictures of. Most are of Murphy since Maya went and hid in the other room, she hates having her picture taken although she did let me get a few good ones. Poor Murphy, you can see...
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    Food Advice for IBD

    My vet has diagnosed Maya with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was having blood in her feces and vomiting often, sometimes bloody vomit as well. We have it under control now with medication, but he put her on Science Diet I/D. I am not a fan of science diet, I know there are better foods out...
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    Murphy is too skinny, how can I put weight on him in a healthy way?

    Murphy was skinny when we got him from the pound at the end of October. He was an owner surrender b/c the guy lost his job, so I figured he hadn't been eating well. We took him to the vet and they did a worm check and a wellness exam, and said he seemed perfectly healthy. He hasn't gained any...
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    Maya and Murphys Trip to VA

    We took the dogs to my best friend's house last weekend. She has a 2 Labs and a Great Dane, so all together we had 5 dogs there. It was chaotic, but also a lot of fun. The last day we were there, we took all of the dogs on a hike. LOL, you should have seen the looks we got with our pack of...
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    Pics of our rescue Boxer

    Thanks for everyone's advice in the chew toy thread, here are a few more pictures of Murphy... [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    A New Family Member, and Chew Toy Advice Needed

    I got some great advice here when I got my first dog, and I've been lurking ever since. But now I've got a new dog and need some advice. We just adopted a 2 year old Boxer from animal control and he is eating all the chew toys in the house. Fortunately the only things he chews on are toys...
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    Time to Start Letting Go

    My parents dog, Zeus, was just diagnosed with a tumor on his thyroid. It is causing high levels of calcium, which is leading to other problems, including stones in his bladder. He is 12 years old and we have made the difficult decision that when this starts to cause him pain (it's not causing...
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    Irresponsible People

    For the second time today I found a little white dog running around near my apartment. Last time the owner came walking through my backyard about 10 minutes later and collected the dog. This time my husband and I took him to the apartment complex office. They said they knew who he belonged...
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    Is Salmon ok for dogs?

    Maya got into the trash while I was in the shower and got a salmon fillet out of it. She ate the whole thing, skin and all. (I tried a new recipe and it didn't work out right, which is why there was a whole fillet in there to begin with.) I did a google search and didn't find anything saying...
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    Maya wants her own room

    So during the day Maya follows me from room to room if I am home. She can be sleeping on the couch and the second I get up to leave the room, she is up to follow me. Bedtime is a different story, when Maya wants to go to bed she goes, she doesn't care where I am. Well last night, she ended up...
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    New Maya Pics!

    We took Maya to her Grandma's house today to play with her dog Abby and Chris' sister's dog Boomer. Boomer is a 4 month old shepherd mix from the shelter. He is already 30lbs, only 4 pounds less than Maya! Maya had a great time, she loves to chase and be chased, even though no one can catch...
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    What a Good Girl!

    We have no friends with young children so I have never been really able to socialize Maya with them as well as would like. She has always been very well behaved with them however, in the rare cases where she has interacted with them. I am very careful to watch her reaction and I put myself...
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    The Worst Apartment Ever

    My fiance and I just moved into a new apartment. We thought we were getting a great deal. The rent on our one bedroom which was far from where we work was going up to $660 a month, so we found a new place. Only $620 a month for a 2 bedroom townhouse, and it's right across the street from...
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    Spoiled Dog

    Maya got her first raw bone tonight. It was a chicken drumstick. LOL she even got organic meat b/c it was on sale. We gave it to her in her crate to avoid a big mess, the tray slides right out to clean. LOL she loved it. When I told my mom she was completely grossed out and told me I needed...
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    At Chris' brother's baseball game today we got asked if Maya was a Weimeraner. Anyone else not seeing the resemblance. :D (FYI she is a beagle/lab/australian shepherd mix)
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    Hit the Jackpot

    We got soooo lucky with Maya's Petsmart class. I really only signed her up so we could get some good socialization. I wasn't expecting a lot from the training. She has only been at Petsmart for a year, but she has been training dogs since she was 16. I've worked with a dog trainer in high...