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  1. DryCreek

    Scott's Run To Live - across Canada!

    Having just lost my father to cancer on Saturday, this post was especially poignant to me. Kudos to Scott for taking on this challenge for such a worthy cause. Give them all my best and thank them for me please.
  2. DryCreek

    Court Upholds Police Entry For Crying Dogs

    If you want examples of what issues this will create, look no farther than Ontario. DOLA states: [/B] This has resulted in peoples pets being forcibly removed from their home without warrant due to improper "interpretation" of said law and incorrect identification of breed. Brampton...
  3. DryCreek

    Thanks Renee :) Good to hear about Tallulah, I never had any doubt you would raise a fine...

    Thanks Renee :) Good to hear about Tallulah, I never had any doubt you would raise a fine dog LOL. And a beauty to boot! I found I had to back away from the boards for a bit. I was getting to "involved" and neglecting "my life". :D
  4. DryCreek

    what dog food do you use, and why?

    Raw- chicken, beef, fish, moose, deer, butcher scraps, eggs. Will add some brown rice or potatoes for the winter time. Look for good sales at the our local hunters :) We don't have leftovers lol. My husband eats 3-4 times what I do and does not gain an ounce. LOL:confused:
  5. DryCreek

    Go canada!

    GO CANADA GO!!! :hail::first::headbanger::music_guitarred:
  6. DryCreek

    Pit Bulls?

    To check on dog laws, visit this link and click on the Province your interested in. THE DOG LEGISLATION COUNCIL OF CANADA Pit Bulls grab onto and won't let go of YOUR HEART. Edited to add- I'm assuming your talking about Fort McMurray Alberta?
  7. DryCreek

    Vegan or vegetarian dog/pet food......

    I believe it was vegetarian. To be honest, when the Vet says feed this dog that food, you don't really read the label. You make a note on the feeding schedule and dig into the bins to feed the other 50-75 dogs your taking care of.:p
  8. DryCreek

    Vegan or vegetarian dog/pet food......

    I can't post links due to this being from personal experience. When I worked at the OSPCA we had a Dalmation in that needed a Veggie diet. First time in over 25 years of dealing with animals that I heard that one. Can't remember exactly why he was on it, meat allergy or other...
  9. DryCreek

    'The Michael Vick Project'

    Does hurting animals lead to hurting people....or do those who are going to grow up to hurt people start with animals because they can't hurt people yet? Serial killers are a different sort. :eek: In regards to TV means no worrys about seeing any "project". I'm curious, did he...
  10. DryCreek

    Headaches - HELP!

    The herb feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) whose medicinal applications were recorded as early as 78 AD by the Greek physician Discorides, was used to treat everything from joint pain to melancholy-and yes, fever. Flash forward to the 1970's when clinical trials in London showed the herb to be an...
  11. DryCreek

    Thanks! It's good to be back :)

    Thanks! It's good to be back :)
  12. DryCreek

    At What Age to Spay/Neuter: An Evidence-Based Study

    I'm not sure if you have all seen this report but it's a very good read as well.
  13. DryCreek

    Iditarod 2008 Death & Injury Statistics

    I just read this story today.... Lead dog's ashes spread where he often ran best KENNEL DEATH: Governor's last great race ends at Bishop Rock, where Gebhardt says goodbye. By KEVIN KLOTT [email protected] Published: March 11th, 2008 01:25 AM Last Modified: March 11th, 2008 01:04 AM...
  14. DryCreek


    Thanks for the cookie! >>>>DryCreek sits and takes the cookie nicely while her natural tail thumps loudly on the floor<<<<< Cookies are always appreciated even though I'm more of a cracker girl LOL! I was being serious about being severely near sighted though....:cool: I have...
  15. DryCreek


    Kinda funny timing with this post about tails and docking as I just finished reading this news story. I personally prefer natural tails as it's the first clue to a dogs intention that I can see. I'm very near sighted and it takes a second to focus on smaller clues while the tail is...
  16. DryCreek

    SC- no crates?

    I wish I could say I'm surprised....:rolleyes:
  17. DryCreek

    Stop animal testing

    A very interesting blog from a cancer researcher/surgeon on this same type of issue. It's a long read but it covers (and refutes) many of the points raised by those against such medical research techniques. LINKY
  18. DryCreek

    Happy ending for accident victom

    LINKY Dog that survived car crash and went missing to be reunited with owner 11:08 AM PDT on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 By ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, Staff A dog that went missing after it survived a car crash nearly a month ago will be reunited with its owner on Tuesday, police said...
  19. DryCreek

    A must read...

    Thanks to Social Mange for finding this awesome poem.
  20. DryCreek

    Over the Hedge

    For your viewing pleasure.....a series of cartoons that are "Pawsitivly Pitty"