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  1. DryCreek

    Happy ending for accident victom

    LINKY Dog that survived car crash and went missing to be reunited with owner 11:08 AM PDT on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 By ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, Staff A dog that went missing after it survived a car crash nearly a month ago will be reunited with its owner on Tuesday, police said...
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    A must read...

    Thanks to Social Mange for finding this awesome poem.
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    Over the Hedge

    For your viewing pleasure.....a series of cartoons that are "Pawsitivly Pitty"
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    Is it right?

    Please assist this blogger by answering their question with a simple yes or no vote. Is it right to legislate law-abiding people into second-class citizenship based on the property they own? Visit Social Mange to answer! There are 4 days left to vote and it is located in the top right...
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    State proposal to allow dangerous-dog ban stirs debate

    LINKY State proposal to allow dangerous-dog ban stirs debate A BILL TO BAN DANGEROUS BREEDS IS GOING THROUGH THE LEGISLATURE, BUT EXPERTS DISAGREE ON ITS NECESSITY By ROBERTO SANTIAGO [email protected] A new bill making its way through the Legislature that would allow...
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    Appeals court hears PETA case

    Can you believe it? :yikes: LINKY Appeals court hears PETA case Pair dumped euthanized dogs in 2005 Titan Barksdale, Staff Writer In a case that grabbed national headlines, 16 dogs were found dead in a Dumpster outside of a Piggly Wiggly in Ahoskie, and police arrested two unlikely...
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    Mandatory Spay/Neuter: A Thousand Snakes in the Grass

    LINKY By Margaret Anne Cleek “Better the dragon you see than a thousand snakes in the grass.†This Chinese Proverb should be recognized and heeded by pet owners and fanciers. Currently anyone who breeds animals is the target of animal rights activists who wish to abolish the purpose...
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    Fight against Breed Specific Legislation

    LINKY In a country as large as ours, it’s often impossible for dogs from different areas to meet in head-to-head competition… or is it? Canine Review is pleased to present Canada’s first online “virtual dog show,†offering dog show exhibitors from across the country an...
  9. DryCreek

    Not attack by pit bulls

    LINKY Coroner: Drug overdose killed Strode, not attack by pit bulls By AMANDA REAVY STAFF WRITER Published Tuesday, February 05, 2008 Toxicology results reveal a 22-year-old Springfield woman died from a drug overdose in her home and was...
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    Just for this line!

    LINKY Mpls. Burglar Gets Baseball Bat To Body, Not Loot (WCCO) A couple burglars got more than they bargained for when they broke into a Minneapolis home last week. One of the young men living in the duplex was armed and ready. Kristopher Williams put his skills as a baseball and...
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    Pro-Test March

    LINKY Campaigners to march in support of animal testing Sara Gaines Society Guardian, Monday February 4 2008 A demonstration by supporters of animal testing may reignite the bitter row over the use of animals in medical research. The pressure group Pro-Test is to march through...
  12. DryCreek

    Dogs have feelings too

    LINKY If you go to the link you can see a pic of the boy, the dog and the mother. Dogs have feelings too: mauled boy's mum By Clementine Cuneo January 31, 2008 12:00pm THE mother who vowed to keep the family dog which attacked her toddler says she is not a bad mum, and people...
  13. DryCreek

    Discriminate Much?

    LINKY HERE DISCRIMINATE MUCH? by Publisher on Tue 29 Jan 2008 10:01 AM EST | Permanent Link | Cosmos An acquaintance called the other night to tell me a story. He'd been at the dog park, per usual, playing fetch with his totally ball-obsessed Lab/Boxer mix. This dog doesn't...
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    When the bite is worse than the bark

    LINKY HERE When the bite is worse than the bark: Cities should have zero-tolerance policies on aggressive dogs Tribune Opinion January 29, 2008 Comments Print Email Two dog attacks in recent weeks -- one in Greeley and another in Eaton -- have caught our attention and raised the...
  15. DryCreek

    Aurora Colorado 2-Year Report

    LINKY January 28, 2008 Aurora Colorado 2-Year Report Last week, the City of Aurora Colorado began the 2-year analysis on the City's ban on "pit bull-type" dogs (and by their definition, they included 10 different breeds under their definition of "pit bull"). If you read the media...
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    Best Friends?

    Is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary really our best friend or are they a dog owners enemy? Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary Dangerous Dog Summit A First-Hand Summary by Randi Bolton Read article HERE This dog reporter (Ms. Jade) has found some interesting and thoroughly bizarre bits...
  17. DryCreek

    Fear Mongering at HSUS: “I Chose a Child’s Face Over My Dog”

    Fear Mongering at HSUS: “I Chose a Child’s Face Over My Dog†Read blog HERE
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    Amazon shopper's...please read!

    If you shop at Amazon you can donate to Banned Aid at the same. Help fight BSL in Ontario by doing your Amazon shopping through the links at Caveat's blog. A 4% commission will be donated to Banned Aid for every purchase made through these links. There is an American and a Canadian link...
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    Ohio HB 366

    January 24, 2008 Ohio HB 366 I just got this note in from someone who attended the Ohio House Bill Hearings yesterday regarding HB 366. I'm just going to post the comments in their entirety with a small comment at the end: I attended and spoke at the proponent testimony on House Bill...
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    Rabies case in Toronto area! A puppy sold at a flea market has died of Rabies! There are many people and other dogs that may have come into contact with this pup and other dogs at the flea market. It's very important that you get in contact with the health department if you may...