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  1. Doberluv

    What happened?

    I have only sporadically been visiting this forum now for quite some time, I guess because I've gotten more busy and I began seeking breed specific advice when I was planning on getting my Poodles, so joined an all Poodle forum and just didn't have time to spend on both forums, especially when I...
  2. Doberluv

    The Poodle Pop-in

    I don't have much time these days to spend on the forum. But here and there, like to pop in. Hope that's not too annoying. So here I am with some recent photos of my two fairly recent toy Poodles, Maurice and Matisse. They're now about 2.5 years old and have turned into such nice adults...just...
  3. Doberluv

    Matisse, Maurice & Jose` on a walk

    There's this big, huge field right across the little road that goes behind my house, not the main road. Someone told me, but I'm not positive that it's a nature preserve or some such thing. (I suppose I could find out) But if someone owns it, you'd never know. There are a bunch of old, old apple...
  4. Doberluv

    Dogs Disappeared!!!

    I went out back, about a half a minute after letting the Poodles out to watch them and they were GONE! Poof! Nowhere to be seen. I vocalized some explative and ran around to find the gate wide open! :yikes: My heart sank and almost thumped right out of my chest. Careful Carrie messed up big...
  5. Doberluv

    Thank You!

    You know what I think would be really nice? A "thank you" button. I know it may seem frivolous or silly to some people, but I have been on other breed specific forums that have this feature. And if you don't have time to respond to a thread just yet or don't think you can get to that person's...
  6. Doberluv

    heart warming story about a dog with deformed legs Oh this made me cry tears of happiness...such wonderful people to be able to do this for this dog.
  7. Doberluv

    The Poodle boys

    Little Maurice, all 3 lbs, 15 oz of him sitting on my kitchen table after being brushed. He's growing up and such a little doll. Oh, you want me to face the camera. Oh all right...always amin' to please. Matisse at a show in Sequim Wa. This was a little walk we took around the...
  8. Doberluv

    Knock knock, who's here?

    I hope nobody minds me popping in like I do...from time to time instead of being more regular. I find my non-Internet life has gotten the better of me and I just enjoy seeing what's new with some of my old Chaz pals. I hope everyone is fine. I do see some sad losses on Rainbow bridge forum...
  9. Doberluv

    Matisse got a BOB. Yeah!

    Matisse, at just over a year old has been working toward his grand champion title. We just got back from a show which was not too far from where we live, thank goodness. On Sat he got BOB and on Sunday, best of opposite sex to best of breed. Anyhow, he got a few points this week end. I hope...
  10. Doberluv

    Gardening helpers

    These dogs are so much help in the garden. (NOT) I planted a bunch of little flowers in the back garden and no sooner had I watered them in, these Poodles tore several out and ran around the yard with them like lunatics. I was so mad at them. I swore and called them bad names. lol. After that...
  11. Doberluv

    Maurice is a scardy cat

    Both my Poodle puppies just turned one. When Maurice was really young, he had no trouble going up and down stairs and no problem with the hardwood floor. Now, starting a couple months ago, he began having a problem with both. LOL. I haven't done much about it because I figure, oh well, he'll go...
  12. Doberluv

    Matisse's 1st birthday!

    Happy 1st Birthday Matisse! (Valcopy Matisse L' Éclair) So, Thursday was Maurice's b-day and today is Matisse's b day...can't leave him out. (sorry to bombard you) The time has gone by so fast since I got this fella. When I visited the puppies the first time when they were 5 weeks old, I...
  13. Doberluv

    Happy Birthday Maurice!

    Happy 1st birthday Maurice! Boy, it's hard to believe Maurice, (Maurry, Micky, Meecie, Maurisku, Smidgen) has been here for almost a him at 8 weeks of age. Time really flies. He's shown some remarkable changes, actually, rather lately...over the last couple months. For some...
  14. Doberluv

    Chulita is gone

    I haven't been on Chaz too much's been crazy. But I pop in from time to time. I don't think I posted before, but I lost little Chulita Chihuahua at almost 14 years of age due to congestive heart failure. It was back in Feb I think...I've kind of lost track. But it was a very sad...
  15. Doberluv

    Matisse is a Rock Star!

    I don't have much time...up at 4, gotta go back to Puyallup for 3rd day of 4 day show. But just want to squee to you how my baby did the first two days. First day, he got reserve winners. Meh. Yesterday he got best of opposite sex, a 2nd in all breed (I think that's what it was) and a 1st...
  16. Doberluv

    secret question

    Is it the same for everybody? Do you have to answer a secret question on every post you make? I take it that was done to lessen some of the spam...the bots?
  17. Doberluv

    I just want to say how very sorry I am

    I haven't been on here for a long while. But I have recently skimmed over some threads and see that many of you have lost your dear dogs. I am so very sorry and saddened by what I've read. Please know that you have my deepest sympathy and concern. I know what a heart ache it is to lose our best...
  18. Doberluv

    Poodles Rock. Popping in for a little visit.

    Meet Matisse 1st show: multiple best of winners, 2nd place in best of bred by group, multiple 1st place in winners over his first 4 day group of shows. Woo hoo. This boy is headed for stardom. And Maurice: One Poodle just wouldn't do. Check out that...
  19. Doberluv

    Do You Have a Gun, Know How To Answer.

    Do You Have a Gun, Know How To Answer A man forwarded this to me from a friend in Texas that he worked with When I had my gangrene gallbladder taken out and spent 10 days in the hospital for what should have been an overnight stay the insurance company kicked me out. I had home nurse...