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    Nicknames for your Dog!

    Ok, what else do you call your dog/dogs? Here are some other names we use for Abby: Abbers Abber Doo Abs Snicker Doodle Bubba Abber Doodle Dabber Doo You get the idea...
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    Abby at 14 Weeks!

    Enjoy! :D
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    The Yellow Monster

    Our nine-week old Australian Shepherd met an interesting figure the other day! While on a usual walk around the yard she finally saw for the first time the fire hydrant by the curb. She was startled at first and could not take her eyes off this strange figure staring at her. She slowly kept...
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    Meet Abby!

    Hey folks! Nice to be here. This looks like an awesome forum with plenty of traffic. I look forward to talking with everyone. Below are some pics of Abby, our little Australian Shepherd. She's nine weeks old right now. :) If anyone ever wants to chat my handle for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo is...