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    Dog won't stop whining around newborn, driving family crazy!

    We just delivered a newborn 1 week ago and since she's gotten home my dog won't stop obsessing over here, barking and whining. Just a little background on my dog, he's a rescue dog and had separation anxiety for the longest time. He guards our home and us non stop and barks at strangers. He's...
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    paleo diet for dogs

    Assuming your feeding your dog things he/she can eat, is there anything wrong with going away from commercial dog food and just feeding your dog say, cooked potatoes and carrots? I want my dog to live a long life, he's already 10 so I just want to do anything so he can live longer.
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    1 year old poodle for adoption

    Hi, I live in the Houston, TX area and I'm fostering this 1 year old poodle. She is up to date with shots and is spaded already. My sister in law had her but decided not to keep her and we offered to care for her rather than have her returned to the shelter. She's great with people, very...
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    Can I re-apply frontline if I did it wrong the first time?

    I gave my dog a bath and applied front line about 8 hours later when I figured he was dry however I still see fleas and after some research read that you need to wait 48 hours after a bath to apply so that the oils on his skin can return because that's how the frontline is distrubuted. Since it...
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    Does he have cataract and how severe?

    This is a stray dog I'm fostering at the moment. He's maybe 1 year old, still very young. Overall very healthy, strong and energetic but he has this one cloudy eye. Here is the picture, does this look like cataract and how bad does it look? I'm taking him to a vet this weekend to look at it but...
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    11 month young dog found - needs owner (Houston, TX)

    Sorry if this counts as another thread about the same dog but my last one was a question on whether I did the right thing by taking this dog in. Now I would like to know if anybody on this forum from Houston, TX would be interested in being a parent for this dog? I found this dog in my...
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    Found 2 stray dogs - did I do the right thing?

    Today I went outside and saw our neighbor's kids with two dogs. They said the dogs didnt' have owners and they were wandering around the neighborhood. Their parents didn't let them keep the dogs so I agreed to take them in until I found the original owners. Both dogs seemed to be well fed...
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    Pea size bump (looks like puss) on my dogs leg

    I found this pimple like bump under my dogs leg, does anyone know what it might be? I searched online and read about Lipoma but most of the pics I see are very large lumps, this is more like a pea size bump that looks to be filled with puss like a pimple.
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    Luxating Patella Problem, Can't even walk

    My dog was outside 2 days ago when she started screaming in pain. When we brought her in, she would walk a little bit than scream in pain again and lift up her leg. I took her to the emergency vet (since this was at night) and they diagnosed her with obeseity and 2 luxating patellas (knee caps...
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    Dry Coughing - Water in lungs?

    My dog coughs really bad occassionally, maybe I notice it once every 2-3 months. (this is not exact as I didn't really have any concerns about it until now) He will cough real bad for about a good 25 seconds, he looks to be struggling when he coughs and he's got his head down like he's...
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    Dog has loose skin on his shoulder

    I have heard loose skin means dehydration. I've only noticed this in the last 6-9 months. Freddie (the dog) is a jack russel mix terrier. He shows no signs of illness, very active, runs alot, has a playmate that keeps him plenty busy and drinks/eats plenty. I also keep a water bowl in his kennel...
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    Dog in agonizing pain, screaming uncontrollably

    Mimi, a 9lb min pin was chewing a bone under my couch when all of a sudden I heard her screaming, it was extremly loud screaching sound that just went on and on, I tried to come close and feel around her to see what was wrong but she would back off and scream louder. This went on for about 2...
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    Small vein like feeling on dogs shoulder

    I noticed today while feeling on freddie's shoulders that there is a small bump that kinda feels like a vein or tiny insect on his shoulder. It doesn't move by it self but i can move it around by pressing against it. My dog did get a chip implanted into him so I was thinking that's what it...
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    Is my dog being aggressive or playing?

    My dog MiMi has never showed signs of aggression towards me or my girlfriend since we had her, about 8 months now. She is always very playful and likes to cuddle with us. Recently I noticed however when I try to get her, she will run and hide under the futon. When I stick my hand under the...
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    can dog get sick eating bird food?

    My dog is always sneaking into the bird's cage and eating the bird seeds...can he get sick? so far it doesn't seem to effect him but he does it all the time.
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    Has anyone used the potty patch?

    YouTube - Potty Patch (2 min) Wondering if this works....
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    Dog has white gums, lying still with pale tongue sticking out when I came home

    Mimi is a 1 year old Minpin, she is typically very active and hyper. Yesterday I came home and her gums are completley white and her tongue is out, not in a panting sort of way, but just sticking out of her mouth, like still. Her tongue is very pale and she also had a peice of poop sticking out...
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    How to train my dog to be around bird without eating him?

    My girlfriend has a bird that stays with us from time to time. When my dog freddie sees the bird, he gets mesmorized. We leave the bird in his cage on top of the sink and my dog freddie will literally sit by the sink all night and day staring at him making whiny noises. It's the oddest behavior...
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    dog eating weeds, then throwing up

    I have a 9lb minpin, she loves to eat weeds outside, I'll walk her and she'll sniff on some weeds than swallow them before I can stop her. We sometimes let her out in the backyard and she just eats them like crazy, I've tried standing there with a water hose and spraying her everytime she gets...
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    my dog ate chocolate, now what?

    Hi, I have a 10lb terrier, I got done eating a macdonalds Hot fudge sundae and i was all done, there was a little bit of ice cream on the sides as well as some sticky peices of fudge on the side, and my dog got into it and started licking it, he licked it for maybe 25 seconds or should...