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  1. goldiefur

    Costco Kirklands food

    Is the Kirklands food good to feed? Have they had any recalls? Ive been feeding Orijen for years but I just cant afford it right now.
  2. goldiefur

    My Oliver is not doing good Anyone that knows me knows I never ask for help but this time I am giving in and asking. Oliver has either Lymphoma or a rare form of anemia that usually does not strike dogs this young. I want to do everything I can to keep him alive. Most of you know what...
  3. goldiefur

    Ice water and bloat

    Is it true or not that giving ice cubes and ice water can cause bloat in dogs? I'm not talking a few cubes but a big bowl of ice.
  4. goldiefur

    Blaze and Golden puppy

    Blaze and Oliver getting ready for Halloween!
  5. goldiefur

    Blue Dog Bakery treats

    Any opinions on their dog treats? My dogs love them but the ones I have now have molasses in it not sure just how bad that is.
  6. goldiefur

    Question about Orijen large breed puppy

    I just bought the Orijen large breed puppy but I want to make sure I am not overfeeding him. I was going to go with the adult but this is all the stupid store had and it does not cost anymore then the adult. I think the only difference I see between this is lower fat. He is 13 weeks and he...
  7. goldiefur


    So how bad is Proplan select chicken and brown rice? Yes I have a new Golden puppy I got him last week he is 12 weeks old. I was lost without Gunner and needed another boy. I will post pics soon. The breeder has him on this proplan but I don't want to switch him unless it is really bad. What...
  8. goldiefur


    I fed my dogs these Not knowing it was lungs eeewww:yikes: Now I'm freaked out and wonder is it ok to eat lungs:eek: I was wondering why they were so light and airy!:confused:
  9. goldiefur

    I need prayers for Gunner

    Gunner was restless last night and this morning. I felt him all over and the left side of his stomach is hard. He has not thrown up or anything. He is just about to turn 5 I don't know if this could be bloat, cancer, or pancreatitis. the ER vet wants money up front and sadly I don't have it but...
  10. goldiefur

    woman needs help saving family dog

    I wish I had money to donate for this poor dogs surgery.
  11. goldiefur


    Is this a decent food? Who manufactures it? Thanks!
  12. goldiefur

    Food flying off the shelves

    With the Champion Orijen/Acana situation all the decent foods are gone! Petsmart is cleaned out this is a good thing in a way because it shows people are feeding their dogs good food but this is a pain. When I placed my order at Mr. Chewy they called to say they were out of GO! but they...
  13. goldiefur

    Can not get orijen or acana due to fire!!!

    I did not get my delivery and I call Mr. Chewey and they tell me Champions kitchen burnt down and they will not be producing until January 2013!!!!! WTH Please let me know what to switch the dogs too. NO food can be foiund in my area everything is already bought up!!!
  14. goldiefur

    Buddy Biscuits?

    Anyone try them? They look pretty healthy and my dogs love them.
  15. goldiefur

    Blaze "Angry Puppy"

    This is one of the first angry puppy pictures captured at the breeders with his angry sisters. When I first saw this picture I thought they look like the Puppies Of The Corn!
  16. goldiefur

    Look at my new baby

    This is Blaze he is 11 1/2 weeks now. He is the sweetest little puppy ever. I am having tons of trouble with photobucket as usual so I hope this works.
  17. goldiefur

    How can I post pics?

    Photobucket is not working for me.
  18. goldiefur

    Good puppy canned food?

    Anyone have any thoughts? Is canned better then dry food? When would a puppy move from puppy canned to adult canned?
  19. goldiefur

    How bad is Iams smat puppy?

    We are having some food issues with the Sibes. Orijen and Acana are out! They get extremely sick we added it in slow did not work. One can eat chicken ala veg Fromm just fine the other one pukes it up. The one that pukes up fromm was in the EVET over the weekend due to a reaction to the vaccines...
  20. goldiefur

    Diatomaceous earth

    Does it work and is it safe? Advantage and Frontline are not working.