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    anxiety in 6 yr old , help me please

    HELP ME PLEASE. I have a 6 yr old and need to know if i should be concerned with her anxiety. She has always been scared of being by herself , and really just a nervous person in new situations. She has to be eased into them slowly or she FREAKS and PANICS. She is in 1st grade now and if I...
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    opinions please

    So , i was checking out ,my local CL's and came across this add. I am unsure if I should try this format out or not. If you where the hiring person would you hire someone with a quirky resume with infographics on it? thanks
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    mini aussies?

    What are Mini Aussies and How can I learn more about them . I see so much info out there , I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of some good info.
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    ow jeeze , can anyone help? i wish i could help , can anyone of you help?
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    how about the leveled town in texas?

    seriously , the hell with the crazy guy , i refuse to feed his need for notority and am choosing to turn away from the crazy and focus on the one needing help. This plant exploding hurts my heart, 60 still missing 12 confirmed dead. whole blocks leveled, how can we help...
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    how to find a bird breeder?

    I am looking for a cockateil breeder in Louisiana and need help. I dont know where to start. Sorry for typo, stupid phone is horrid to post from.
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    Help me find a comparable camera. PLEASE!!

    PowerShot SX500 IS What would be a comparable camera? I am loving this one , but am looking for something a tad bit cheaper. Or do any of you have any other suggestions. I feel way out of my league and...
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    cold weather cars and salt.

    help! My hard headed son just bought a car that is from Ohio. It has some rust according to the hubs. Where are the most likely to need attention spots due to the salt . I am worried because i did they same thing eons agoo and had the frame rust through. i dont want him to die because it...
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    view from atop a flag pole

    New Orleans as seen from a top a 95 foot flag pole. One of the boats I dispatch. View of the bridge. No reason really except I wanted to share the cool view.
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    A rescue training service dogs?

    I just read that Villalobos will start training service dogs. How is that going to work? I asked what tasks they will train and , how long will the dog be trained for. I dont see this as a good thing , i see it as a train-wreck. Am i being pessimistic? ? I went out to see the place...
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    Help I need some girlie ideas

    I am so not a girlie girl type of woman , but through some genetic misfortune one of the girls IS! Ginnie , has asked for diamonds and pearls and feathers and sparkle and anything pink frilly and fluffy , Jewelry , shoes , clothes , for christmas . Torie wants Rocker Girls stuff. I am at a...
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    Plastic lunch boxs. Thermos optional. I need two. Has to be the old ones from the 80 to early nineties. Beat up is ok . We will personilize it.
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    pitbulls and paroless

    what ya think about it? I never watched the show before and recently my stepmom has yammered me into watching because they recently moved the rescue to our area and she wants to volunteer. i am going to look them up on the web and just wanted oponions due to peeps i trust. so i came here...
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    miakoda ~ i think the boys need this I dont know why , but when I saw the lower pic, I pictured ya boys having a grand ole time with him. I dont know if the pit/husky is right , but he sure is cute.
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    so they opened a Panera here

    what should i get for lunch? \
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    So kittens where a firm NO

    and These little ones are fascinated and About to start PreK. I rehomed the birds from a lady on craigslist , I am in the process of cage hunting as the one they came in is unsuitable. Do we have any bird color gurus here? and I think they are male/male , and really unsure on the...
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    pugs , anyone want a pair?>

    Well seems like i have a pair I have been roped into finding a home for , long story short , a friend found a pair roaming and has kept them through the final part of her pregnancy , toying with the idea of keeping them. she has been trying for months to find there owners. no answers to the...
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    What is your favorite body part and your least favorite , and WHY. Fav Mine is eyes , you can read a person by there eyes. they will not lie. Not so fav Ears , they are selective and annoying to clean. what about you.
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    some good ideas needed on

    how to convince hubby to let me get the girls each a kitten for there 4TH :yikes: b-day Monday. Since Sheen completely still scares the crap out of Ginnie , and she is always playing with her stuffed kitty , and well i want a cat and he hates them . I could just get them and deal with it because...
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    anyway ~ what are you doing ?

    Watching the river go by , wishing i was home with my kids. how about you?