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  1. Dizzy

    Babywearing chazzers - I'm raffling off a natibaby.

    I'm not sure whether the refugee crisis has been reported much over there, but it is utterly devastating. I've put my natibaby starry night argento ring sling up for raffle. Is beautiful :) if you want to try to win it, join the Facebook group which I'm about to link and gave a go. I will post...
  2. Dizzy

    Bodhi is TEN today!!!!!

    Which means it's out 10 year chaziversary. I'm just gonna leave that there :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  3. Dizzy

    Shameless ask for likes, to make a 5 year old a real life unicorn!!!

    This is my friends daughters picture of a unicorn. If she gets the most likes they make it into a soft toy for her.... I really want her to win, she's utterly ADORABLE. She doesn't know I'm spreading this, my friend wouldn't think to do it. Please by the power of chaz will you share this and...
  4. Dizzy

    Just Fred being Fred.

  5. Dizzy

    Can dogs make themselves ill sitting by a heat source?

    Bodhi will sit in front of our fire till she is literally panting heavily. And she will continue to lay there till I worry and physically make her move. She feels very hot to the touch. It can't be good for her?!!! She will move eventually to a cooler place before going back for more...
  6. Dizzy

    I do love my puppies!

  7. Dizzy

    Facebook is messed up.

    This could go any number of directions. Take your pick. But... Someone just shared a video of a child being abused and tortured by her nanny on Facebook. Graphic slapping, stomping and kicking of this child. I've seen photos of the Boston bombing victims. Beheadings. Naked celebrities...
  8. Dizzy

    Your best pulled pork recipe!

    I want to make a huge glut of pulled pork. And I'd like a nice, authentic, tasty recipe. If it uses sauces can you explain what's in it so I can find an equivalent :D Thank you!!
  9. Dizzy

    My beautiful girlie bodhi.

    Shame it's a bit out of focus, but she hasn't changed a bit in 9 years. OK a little more grey...
  10. Dizzy

    Into the mind of Fred.

    I wish I could say this was a fluke shot. But you'll know by now he thinks he's part human, part monkey or something... He sits like this every night to watch TV. And when I say watch TV, I mean actually watch TV.
  11. Dizzy

    10 GSP facts.

    I saw this and had to share as it's so true hahaha!!!
  12. Dizzy

    Tattoos in the workplace?

    There's a debate raging at the moment as a student teacher was asked to leave the school as she had lots of visible tattoos, and was asked to start later in the week after she'd covered them up. The media are loving it :) what are your views? Personally I feel it is discrimination based on...
  13. Dizzy

    "Dead tail"

    Fred has it. Oh he is so woe. He cried and cried and cried last night. Vets this morning and he has anti inflammatories. Everything is pointing to 'dead tail'. Doesn't help that he's such a diva (read baby). Sad brown baby.
  14. Dizzy

    Facebook and eBay both down?

    Other half can't access ebay, bit of googling reveals an issue. Just tried Facebook, also down! Gonna get my tin hat out, think this is the end of the world as we know it :popcorn: :rofl1:
  15. Dizzy

    Happy 9th birthday Bodhi!!!

    Best dog everer! She got cake, and two squeaky soft toys to desqueak and destuff!! Spoilt girly :D and she got some yummo treats. Loves my boogie la roo <3
  16. Dizzy

    Bullets and burgers.

    I'm quite surprised there's no thread about this. It's being debated to the hills on the news here. General consensus seems to be a tragic preventable accident but why in the world does a 9 year old need to play with an uzi :eek: a gun that's been banned here since about world war 2 I...
  17. Dizzy

    Camera people? Should I swap my camera, or stick with it?

    As we have a new addition on the way I've been thinking about trading my camera in for an even better one. To be fair, mine does take great photos, but I'd like one that takes great photos for even a novice to use on auto (as in my other half :D ). Like point the camera and click and wham. I...
  18. Dizzy

    Just one, but a good one.

  19. Dizzy

    Marking outdoors on objects we don't want him to?

    Fred's fabulous indoors, very clean dog. Outside he likes to **** (he's a boy after all!). On everything. Cars, flowerpots, deliveries (yes he did this on some stationary that had been delivered), and today my reclining outdoor chair. And his **** STINKS. He is outside a lot, as there are...
  20. Dizzy

    Happy 2nd birthday Fred!!!

    He has been thoroughly spoilt rotten.