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    What you got? After 10 years in a 1995 Jeep ZJ I got a brand new 2014 Jeep JK last year. Paid in full. Cut the front bumper in the first month. Moved the tires from the old Jeep to the new without having to install a lift. Nothing major done to it, added a pet net to keep the hounds in...
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    Verde and Blue

    I had to put Verde down last Oct due to an issue with her abdominal tract. Only way to find out exactly what was wrong was a full abdominal exam. She was 10 and I didnt want her to go through that, and I didnt want to go through that. This last April I had to have Blue's belly drained only...
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    Meet Lucy

    After losing Blue and Verde within 6 months of each other it sucked coming home to just Erp the cat. Im sure Erp loved not having the dogs around however. My co workers and my supervisor browbeat me into going to look at a 6 month old puppy. I wasnt sure about her, but the kid said they...
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    What Happened to the Grammy Thread???

    I know I havent participated much since my ban was lifted, but the Grammy thread was one of the reasons I visit daily. Why was the sticky removed?
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    This Time the Moose Hit Me.

    For reference, link. Driving home after work a moose runs straight onto the highway at me, verified by 2 witnesses. This time I saw it sooner and gave a little gas. Only broke my tail light this time. Moose took a tumble but got up and scampered off, probably 1 or 2 year old cow...
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    Quick Image Request.

    I need the background on this image Changed to orange please. My computer is being dumb, its probably a user error on my part.
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    Do You Know What a Web Browser Is?

    Well do you?
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    Sloth, it's camouflage

    Language, but its all about sloths. Link if embed doesnt work.
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    Dog Amber Alert, SC, NC, and surrounding States.

    Warning for language. GSP named Lexy.
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    Avast Users, talk like a Pirate.

    Hoping yall know you can make your Avast AV talk like a Pirate. Go to Settings>Language and download/add English Pirate or Pirate English or it may just be plain Pirate. Ive done this on my dual boot laptop and all of my moms laptops, and her desktop. I am doing this to my stepdad's desktop...
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    Redux, OS redux Redux.

    Ignore the other poll. With Win8 in full release, OSX Mountain Lion, and Ubuntu 10.12 all recently released as well. what are ya'll running? Win, OS , or Linux?
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    Smart Phone Death Match!!!

    iPhone, Android, Windows! GO!
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    OS redux Redux.

    With Win 8 in full release now Im going for a new poll, this time multiple choice. Wait for it.
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    OS poll Redux.

    Ive done this before and Im sure I will do it again. What Operating System, OS, do you use? I am going to keep the poll simple to Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Other. Please reply with what version of the OS you use, Winows XP, Vista, or 7. Mac OS Panther, Lion Mountain Lion, or...
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    Computer Tools.

    I thought we had a thread on this, maybe from Scoob. Mine isnt going to as long but its stuff Ive used. Please add links for useful tools. Free AV that works: Avast AVG Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Malware Tools: Spybot Search and Destroy Malware Bytes General Tools...
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    Words With Friends.

    Any players? Any challengers? dmorrissey907
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    Stuck in my head for more then a Decade.

    Not a Rick Roll, but a cyst. Link. More then 3cm before it was removed.
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    So I got a Kindle Fire

    I like to read. I have books every where, living room kitchen, rather extensive collection in the bathroom. I like to reread books and sometimes I cant find the book I want to reread. So an ereader is pretty much a no brainer, all my books from here on out in one place. Now what are the...
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    Ubuntu Users, who upgraded?

    With the release of 11.10 who upgraded? I tried it on my netbook and could not have been more displeased, Unity makes me angry and Gnome3 is not as user friendly for me as Gnome 2.X was. Im keeping the 10.04 LTS on my main pc, keeping the server 10.10 kernel with Gnome 2.X GUI on the...
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