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  1. Cheetah

    MORE Shippo Playing in the Snow Pics!

    We have a snow day today! Here is what Shippo is up to. =) Eevee photobombing. =P
  2. Cheetah

    I Don't Post Enough Shippo/Eevee Pics

    So here are some from today! =)
  3. Cheetah

    Moving to Saint Paul, MN! Meetups?

    Hey guys. I'm moving to MN in a couple months (hopefully this is my last move for a LONG time), and I'm looking for dog friends to socialize with! Who here is there or close to there and would be interested in having regular doggy meetups, go to dog parks or go hiking or something? =3
  4. Cheetah

    Shippo at Fort Woof Corgi Meetup!

    Hey guys! I finally got tired of not having a corgi meetup to go to, so I organized my own! It had a great turnout! Also, Shippo of course picked out a favorite corgi, and tried to harass her the entire time. She let him know how she felt about that though lol. I wanted to share some...
  5. Cheetah

    Hearing Tests?

    Hey guys. I know I've been really scarce lately. Been so busy. Eevee just turned 13 last month, and yesterday it dawned on me that her lack of responsiveness to my calling her could actually be because she might be losing her hearing. I was testing it out yesterday, making sounds behind...
  6. Cheetah

    Kittens Faye & Wash - 6 Month Update

    I just realized that I have not posted an update on the former barn kittens, Faye and Wash, in quite some time. So here it is! =3 My mom and stepdad adopted Wash (the one I was going to keep originally), and I kept Faye (the one who was sick), because after all the extra care I gave her, she...
  7. Cheetah

    Ivermectin for Dogs?

    I need opinions on using Ivermectin for dogs to prevent fleas and heartworm. Like the kind you get at feed stores. How valid is this? How safe is it? What if I have a collie breed? I have read about reactions in collie breeds. All dog people who know anything about this, especially those who...
  8. Cheetah

    Wash & Faye 4 Month Update!

    Wash and Faye are 4 1/2 months old now, and we're in Colorado - our halfway point to TX. I just thought I would post some photos and an update. After I got Faye vetted for her upper respiratory infection and ear mites, I spent the next couple weeks giving her extra care and meds. Since then...
  9. Cheetah

    Kittens! Faye & Wash - 13 Weeks (Pic & Video!)

    Yup they are both 13 weeks old now! Faye has been to the vet and is currently on a 2-week-long treatment for Upper Respiratory Infection and ear mites. She's getting better every day. =) We're still stuck in ID right now but they're coming with me when I leave. Anyway, here's a pic of...
  10. Cheetah

    Dog Opens Doors - OMG the Flies!! Help!

    Ok, Blake's mom has a miniature Schnauzer named Bessi. Bessi has learned how to open the family's sliding screen door to the back yard. This didn't matter before, because they would lock the door and that kept it from getting opened. But now, she's figured out how to force it open anyway...
  11. Cheetah

    Cheap, Safe Flea Control in TX

    I'm about to be dealing with this, and I need advice. I'm not going to have a lot of money. And several people have told me to stay away from chemicals (even though I've resorted to them before). Does holistic flea control work in TX? Is there a cheap flea control product that works...
  12. Cheetah

    Well, I Sure Feel Like a Jerk...

    Well, I feel like an ass now cause a girl freaked out at the sight of Eevee when she got too close, and was jumping around, shrieking and trying to hit her away with her sandals. This has never happened to me and I didn't have time to think about what to say, so I was truthful, but a bit harsh...
  13. Cheetah

    Moving to TX in a Week - Bittersweet

    I don't think it's sunk in yet that I actually have the means to get myself and my pets from here to Fort Worth, TX now, thanks to the help of the corgi community and my friends/family. My boyfriend of 2 years is staying here, because he'd rather be close to his family and keep this dead-end...
  14. Cheetah

    Wash the Kitten & Litter - 8Wks

    Wash and his siblings are finally 8 weeks old! I decided to celebrate by taking some pics. I'll be moving in 2 or so weeks and taking Wash and Faye (the other kitten, who got named Yugi - not by me - has been claimed). Anyway here they are! (Also two of the kittens are still having minor eye...
  15. Cheetah

    Wash, the Kitten - 6 Weeks

    So I decided to name my kitten Wash. I just love the name and it was easier for me to say than the rest. Here are a couple phone pics of him exploring yesterday. =)
  16. Cheetah

    Happy 4th from Shippo!

    Hope everyone in the US has a great holiday! Shippo is here to wish a Happy 4th in his own way. =)
  17. Cheetah

    Kitten Videooooo! =D

    Ok, so I've decided to name my kitten Wash. And I took a little video of him frolicking today. Enjoy! EDIT: Oh, also, the other kitten in the video has messy eyes because there is medicine on them.
  18. Cheetah

    My Possible Future Kitten

    This is a kitten I want to adopt. If I do not adopt him, he's doomed to a life of 100% outdoors, constant fighting with other outdoor toms when he grows up, zero vet care and crappy diet. This is out in the country in an area where there is zero care and zero laws for proper pet care, and I...
  19. Cheetah

    Shippo & Kitten

    There are some farm kittens out here, and they're about 4 weeks old now an have started wandering out of the nest. Shippo loves kittens, so I let him lay down and sniff them, but nothing more since they're not old enough to really play. He was in a down-stay for this. When they get older...
  20. Cheetah

    Shippo on the Nature Walk (Pics)

    I took Shippo to this little walking trail in the city of Logan, UT today, with my boyfriend's sister Lexi and her dog, Joey. I just thought I would share some phone pics of our time there. =) Also, please ignore how terrible I look in these pictures LOL. Ugh my butt looks freaking...