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  1. JennSLK

    Happy birthday!

    Katie is 5 today! Where has the time gone? She is registered for kindergarten, I just can't believe she is 5 already.
  2. JennSLK

    Valentines day ideas

    I was just wondering what you guys are all doing to celebrate. Dave and I are going up to the city to 4 star restaurant, then the theatre and then we are staying the night in the city. Omg a Kid free night! We aren't doing it in the 14th though. We are doing it on the 28th because of work...
  3. JennSLK

    Need your advice

    So my mom wants to go to the farm this weekend. Not a big deal but she doesn't know what to do about David (BF). We haven't been dating that long and she hasn't met him yet, simply due to bad schedules. The issue is sue doesn't want a stranger in the house. Ok understandable but I live here too...
  4. JennSLK

    Car people help!

    So I drive a 2004 sunfire. Love/hate relationship with it lol. About 140,000 km on it. My car has dial gages not digital. So I went to work this morning my tank was just over 3/4 full. After work I started it and let it run about 15 min. Really didn't pay attention to the Gage's. I went and...
  5. JennSLK

    The Cat Saga Continues....

    First thing to keep in mind Sammy and Thea are not mine. I am not responsible for them and I don't have the money to be. Zoe is mine. Some of you know I found Zoe and brought her home. The evil one, Sammy, was less than happy and tried to kill her. Since then things have gotten better. My...
  6. JennSLK

    Ontario Chazers.

    So I have a problem with Nutcrackers. I am adicted. Lol There is a really nice one in Peterborough and two in Cambridge. Being from Alberta I can't just go pick them up. Would there be anyone I can ask to pick them up for me and ship them here. I would send me the money via pay pal. The...
  7. JennSLK

    This and that

    Some of the pics I have taken. I'm still working on it and my editing. Some of these are a bit over edited but that's why I save the originals separate. Lol. Constructive chritisizm is always welcome.
  8. JennSLK

    Prayers and thoughts for Akeeva

    So my friends dog Akeeva tore his ACL a while ago. They opted not to do surgery because of cost. He was sent home with meds and crate rest. They had another vet appointment today for other reasons. It turns out he has none cancer. The vet gave a very poor outlook even if they take the leg...
  9. JennSLK

    Breeding back to back

    There was a post on here a while ago supporting back to back breeding. I'm on my phone and can't find it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Thanks
  10. JennSLK

    Obama To Redifine Cancer

    From Forbes: The way Im reading it is if you don't fall under the Obama definition of cancer you...
  11. JennSLK

    Local Police K9 Killed

    This morning Quanto was stabbed and killed by the man they were chasing. My heart goes out to the officer and his family. What bothers me the most is there is no law or punishment for...
  12. JennSLK

    Name Help

    So the kitten needs a name. I don't think the vet will appreciate me calling her Demon Spawn when I take her in for her spay. I have never had a kitten like this. She grabs my pant leg and not just plays she shakes it like a dog. I have a video of her at one end of a towel and Katie dragging her...
  13. JennSLK

    Cat people I need your help ASAP

    I will give you the short version since I am on my phone at work. I can answer specifics when I get home. Right now in our home we have 3 cats. Thea who is 14 and has been deaf since birth. She has always been the mothering type and any kittens I brought home from our farm she mothered and...
  14. JennSLK

    Drug dog behaviours

    I was watching a show that had boarder payroll dogs on it. Do all drug dogs put their feet on the vehicles to get a better smell? I know they have a job to do but I would be pissed if they scratched my car. What about the high end cars that I'm sure come through? What would they do if a dog left...
  15. JennSLK

    Katelynne Pictures

    Its been a while since i posted updated pics of my baby girl. She was 4 in March :yikes: Where does time go??
  16. JennSLK

    ACL Help Needed ASAP

    Double post. Sorry
  17. JennSLK

    ACL Info Needed ASAP

    I have a friend who's dog ruptured his ACL. He is a 100lb Pyr mix. They don't have a lot of money. Is there a cheaper surgery that can work? Vitamins? Something?
  18. JennSLK

    2 Kids killed by snake

    Poor kids. Sounds like the snake got loose and went through the vent system to the apartment and killed the 5 and 7yr old. It was rarely handled according to the owner and was a dangerous animal. It was 15 foot African Rock Python. Those poor children.
  19. JennSLK


    What are they like? Good with kids? Other animals? Assuming they are well bred and well raised of course ;) Does anyone know of any good breeders? Anywhere in North America. No I'm not looking for now. They are a breed I have always liked but never really learned much about. The next dog...
  20. JennSLK

    Zoo Pics (Picture Heavy)

    So yesterday was my birthday. Katie, me and a friend decided to go to the Zoo today, stay in a hotel then we are going to Drumheller tomorrow. Here are just a few pics (orf the 200 lol) I have. I will post the Drumheller pics tomorrow when we get home. I also still have to do cropping/editing...