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  1. JennSLK

    Happy birthday!

    Katie is 5 today! Where has the time gone? She is registered for kindergarten, I just can't believe she is 5 already.
  2. JennSLK

    Passion Parties: New Adventure!

    That's great. There is nothing around here like that. The closest store is over a hour away. Nice to know someone I can order from if needed
  3. JennSLK

    The Winter Olympics....

    I always watch. I am waiting to see what gets bombed/mobbed/who dies ect first. I think something will end up going horribly wrong.
  4. JennSLK

    Parents, Help please

    I like the idea of a sound when it's open. Not sure about a design though. Most kids at that age can open anything a parent can get open at least Katie anyways. Sharp edges are a no.
  5. JennSLK

    What would you do?

    There are different methods to remove the tail. All of the Dobermans I've seen done are fine and there is little to no reaction to the docking. Heath and temperament is much more important to me than tail or no tail
  6. JennSLK


    Nice. I love them as well. I'm dating a tattoo artist :)
  7. JennSLK

    The Good News thread

    I find it fascinating. A close friend of mine is married with 2 kids and both parties have boy/girlfriends. They are a strong couple and adore each other. Another friend of mine is in a open relationship were they can have sex with other people. They don't do it often but can. I don't share...
  8. JennSLK

    Valentines day ideas

    I was just wondering what you guys are all doing to celebrate. Dave and I are going up to the city to 4 star restaurant, then the theatre and then we are staying the night in the city. Omg a Kid free night! We aren't doing it in the 14th though. We are doing it on the 28th because of work...
  9. JennSLK

    The Good News thread

    I love you Greenmagick. My bank account won't but I do. Lol. I'm going to be ordering more.
  10. JennSLK

    The Venting Thread

    I have ADD and depression as well. It sucks big time. Being super stressed all the time about small stuff sucks. The logical side of your brain is saying you are being ridiculous but at the same time you just can't stop. Work right now is making my anxiety so much worse. I'm exhausted at the...
  11. JennSLK

    Not been around a lot... Having a tough time :-(

    Huge hugs for you. You are in my thoughts and I hope this year turns out better than the last one for you
  12. JennSLK

    The Good News thread

    Yup. Used it last night. A lot of soaps smell great in the shower but you can't smell them after. I smelt mine all night. In a good way not a super annoying strong way. I also haven't noticed any colour bleeding. Greenmagick you need to get busy and make A LOT more. Lol
  13. JennSLK

    The Venting Thread

    Me too
  14. JennSLK

    The Good News thread

    Got home to a package. My soap from Greenmagick came. It smells so good! I can't wait to use it.
  15. JennSLK

    The Venting Thread

    Just want to point ou I had a really bad week and I am so trashed so this needs to be re read when sober. Drunk me ( think shots and doubles) is confused
  16. JennSLK

    The musing thread

    I have just been so bored and restless lately. I'm in a great relationship and have a great kid but OMG am I bored and restless
  17. JennSLK

    "Guardy" Breeds and Dog Aggression

    I know a lot of Coros that are good with family dogs. There is the potential for DA but I have found with the Corosos I know if you are carefull about temperaments with in your home pack there is a good chance of success. Doberman females aren't bad. You have to watch your lines and...
  18. JennSLK

    Need your advice

    Thanks guys. It helps to know that I'm not the only one who thinks its not right
  19. JennSLK

    Need your advice

    So my mom wants to go to the farm this weekend. Not a big deal but she doesn't know what to do about David (BF). We haven't been dating that long and she hasn't met him yet, simply due to bad schedules. The issue is sue doesn't want a stranger in the house. Ok understandable but I live here too...
  20. JennSLK

    Will this crate be too big/just right??

    Dizzy what are the crufts rules on crates and benching? Can you bring a down instead? What I would do would be find a breeder who has been there before and ask them about things.