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  1. Laurelin

    Happy 1 Year, Hank!

    Just realized a year ago today I brought Spotty Dog home! Here's some pics from this week! Coursing (pic of a pic) LOL
  2. Laurelin

    Gorgeous Lighting Today

    So I took photos of Mister Model. He's so flipping handsome. I'm probably kind of biased. <333 Guh eyes! Sanity.... Ok ok you're cute
  3. Laurelin

    Dog Eyes! (share)

    I love Hank's eyes/eye color. Share your dog's eyes!
  4. Laurelin

    Crossing after the weaves

    Any tips on training this? I've tried front crosses and blind crosses mostly but he keeps popping out the last pole if I do. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly but then again I have no idea what I'm doing either....
  5. Laurelin

    Agility people

    Lets talk measurements. I have not got an official height on Hank yet but I will next weekend. We tried wicketing him with a 16" jump bar and it was very very borederline. I'm a little worried he will actually be an 18" jumper in usdaa. He seems to tiny for that though. I've been calling him...
  6. Laurelin

    Family Photos!

    I realized I actually don't have any pics of all three dogs together. So I set out to get a good family photo. It went... well as expected. haha Hank decided to be a little brother Mia was displeased Summer was perfect. As usual
  7. Laurelin

    Heat tolerance?

    How do your dogs do in the heat? What do you consider hot/too hot for your dogs? Brought to you by the fact that despite Hank supposedly being an ACD/chihuahua mix (both from warm climates), the heat just kills him (he thinks). It's been in the 90-95 degree range lately and he is very much...
  8. Laurelin

    Is this a double or single coat?

    Everyone has told me from pictures Hank looks like he has a single coat: Dry hair Wet hair Wet: Vs Dry: [/url] But looking at the pics of the hair I pull off him... [/url] There are long thicker hairs that are mostly white and shorter, softer...
  9. Laurelin

    Cute and comfy black flats?

    Any suggestions? Would be for business casual type wear.
  10. Laurelin

    Did you compromise at all on breed?

    So I feel like my ideal dog is not found in a 'breed' per say. All breeds seem to have a trait I dislike or something about them just makes them not quite right. I think I have tall orders because my ideal is a very easy dog with very high drive that is not a sporting breed (I just dont mesh)...
  11. Laurelin


    Hank is taking this climbing thing to a new level. Spotted blur!
  12. Laurelin

    Docked tail vs natural bob

    How do you tell? I keep getting asked if Hank has a docked or NBT. I assume docked. The tip has no hair on it if you part the hair. Is that a tell-tale sign of a docked tail?
  13. Laurelin

    Hank's DNA Test Results

    Finally came back. He is apparently... 1/4th Australian Cattle Dog 1/4th Chihuahua 1/4th Swedish Vallhund 1/4th Mixed Breed (Which is apparently most likely a sporting breed) I guess I'll just keep calling him a cattle dog mix.... :p Where is the terrier? lol
  14. Laurelin

    Lessening shedding?

    Are there any magic tricks? Hank sheds SO much it's ridiculous. I am not sure how he is not bald. I brush him out a lot. Tried the furminator. He's on good food. I have thousands of hairs on me all the time.
  15. Laurelin


    I think I love him. DSC_1381 by , on Flickr DSC_1380 by , on Flickr DSC_1356 by , on Flickr Such a face DSC_1786 by , on Flickr DSC_1729 by , on Flickr DSC_1662 by , on Flickr DSC_1580 by , on Flickr
  16. Laurelin

    What does your dog sound like

    Or maybe I should call this 'So you think you want a Hank?' :p Hank has the worst bark. Or one of them. I need to get a video of the scream but I haven't gotten that just yet. UApWzBUzUso My family says I have a knack for choosing dogs with horrible voices. So yeah... let's hear...
  17. Laurelin

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Where you want too many different types of dogs and breeds? How do you decide which one you get first? I have like.... 6 dogs/breeds I want and I really hope to have all of them some time in my life. But if I do add #4/final which one should I pursue? I know... dog people problems. It...
  18. Laurelin

    Lure Coursing question

    On the off chance there's coursers here (I'm not sure?) Anyone had a dog get 'lure smart' for lack of a better word? Hank coursed the 3rd time today and he's really really good. He's very into it, very high, has a lot of fun and does very well. BUT Most the other dogs stop when the...
  19. Laurelin

    Cuddle Hank

    Hank being adorable last night! <3 snuggle by summerpapillons, on Flickr I like his profile snuggle2 by summerpapillons, on Flickr Toof snuggle7 by summerpapillons, on Flickr Those EYES man, they slay me. snuggle5 by summerpapillons, on Flickr <333 snuggle12 by...
  20. Laurelin

    Happy 6th Mia Day!

    Happy 6th Mia day! Things may not have ended up exactly the way we thought they would but you are still my best dog. I miss all our crazy adventures that we used to have before you had all your health problems but am so blessed to still have you in my life. You're doing a good job holding down...