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  1. Shaggy

    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    Yeah, it helps clean their teeth, as in like a toothbrush.
  2. Shaggy

    Hello from Canada!

    You been here since 2004! Nice! What dogs do you have now?
  3. Shaggy

    Satin balls and diahorrea

    I never heard of satin balls. What are they and why do you want to feed them to your German Shepherd?
  4. Shaggy

    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to the site!
  5. Shaggy

    Muzzle for our American Bulldog

    How many times do you trim his nails?
  6. Shaggy

    Seeking advice

    Seems she has had issues in the past with other dogs. You may want to go hang out with other dogs more often and slowly have he get used to them. It could take awhile but I think that's the best way of getting her to clam down around other dogs. Don't discipline her as she may not really know...
  7. Shaggy

    After School Snack!

    Cute. My wife always wanted a SB but they get huge. How big is she/he now?
  8. Shaggy

    New mama issues

    Just need to work with her. When my Golden wouldn't clean her 6 puppies, my wife and I had to sit there and basically stuff the puppy's butt in front of her so that she would lick/clean them. It was a time consuming task for a few days, but eventually she started doing it on her own age. It's...
  9. Shaggy

    Top breeds of playful dogs?

    Beagles are very active and great for young kids. Goldens are also great breeds for families. So what did you end up going with as I know this is a year old post.
  10. Shaggy

    Ethical/morals question

    Just take them. No need to tell her anything else. ;)
  11. Shaggy

    Which breed should I get ?

    I've checked petfinder but unfortunately it doesnt exist in Europe, Croatia in particular. But there were other sites and plenty of other dogs. Most common are some mixes with Labradors, German Sheppard and Golden Retrievers. Didnt find one Greyhound, maybe because dog races arent very popular...
  12. Shaggy

    Which breed should I get ?

    First of all, thanks for responses :) My grandmother had cats and they were like, you just see them when they are hungry. No love, not playful and certainly not loyal. Maybe just bad luck I guess. I think I will pick one from shelter since I dont have much money. Is there any other dog...
  13. Shaggy

    Which breed should I get ?

    Hello everyone ! Soon I will be living alone in app 30 square meters(323 square feet) and I would like to get one dog to at least have some company since my parents are divorced and have their own lives(kinda long story). Because of school and work afterwards, I wont have much time to spend...