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  • Summer is busy but going well! How about you? I've been meaning to post a few photos lately but haven't seem to found anytime.
    Wow has it been that long already!? It seems like she just got here! I don't think a person who owns 2 labs that both are in the house is ever "sane" but we are certainly more accustomed to her and her antics now!!!!! :)
    Don't say I won't stick up for you :rofl1:

    Oh, and by the way, the yard sale thread is pretty damned funny. We took it south in a hurry.
    I've hopefully added the full video of Virgo & Chevy on the thread if you want to check it out!
    Hey, how is life here in Denver? You and me and Cheza need to have a dog party!
    It's pretty much the ultimate compliment from those two, lol. My punishment, I suppose . . . hearing THAT WORD so much.
    Sent Bob an e-mail telling him you were officially leaving KC and intrigued with the idea of Knoxville . . . and that you'd make a wonderful tenant for someone with a reasonably priced rental house. He's been busting his butt the last few weekends working on one.
    She definately was not impressed. Chevy eventually got her running and playing but it took a lot of encouragment! I think it was more the fact that the snow was wet and very very heavy so it takes a lot out of you quickly.
    Haha, things up here are wet! Just went things had started drying up and grass started turning green, we got a foot and a half of snow yesterday....and Virgo is NOT happy about it! We went out to do chores yesterday and she just gave me this look that begged to be sent back to you.
    :D I told him you were already impressed when I showed you the shot of Jake on St. Patrick's day and even more so when I described his personality . . . and then suggested he should show them to Jake :p He worries about Jake -- he's bad about getting taken advantage of by women. Must be something in the name.
    Oh, you haven't done anything. I pulled up some pics of you that Smkie's taken and sent them to Bob and told him we either need to get his Jake to Kansas City or you to Knoxville. Bob says he likes you already :rofl1:
    I think we definitely need your expertise and help from your board getting Dahlia to Linda . . .
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