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    What would you do differently?

    Not really growing up. But I would have left my ex way earlier. We dated about 3/4 of a year and that was way too long. I wasted so much time and money with him it was stupid.
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    Has Chaz slowed down in posts? Or is it me?

    I check back in once in a while and I think it's slowed down. FB hasn't though XD But for me life's just been crazy and while I still enjoy reading threads I don't really have as much time to post like I use to. I don't even think I ever ended coming back and updating everyone after...
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    Evaluate the rescue, not just the dog.

    If fostering is something you really enjoy doing maybe you could find a different group to foster for? I find this kind of crazy because the rescues around me that I've contacted all do a pretty crazy amount of evaluating dogs before even accepting them. Maybe you could find a lawyer that...
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    Omg, I'm mortified.

    I think I could handle Yoshi actually killing things if she would stop just catching them and then releasing them in our house.
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    Tulsa's First Conformation Show

    Congrats! Sidenote whenever you say Tulsa I get excited because I think something is going on near me finally XD
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    Favorite brand & type of ice cream

    Don't get between me and it
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    A Sucky Deal

    I just wanted to mention from my experience with my last two jobs. When we looked at resumes it wasn't necessarily that they dropped out and kept going back that hurt a lot of people's chance. It was the fact they'd take time off and then finally get a job. FT sometimes but most of the time...
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    A Sucky Deal

    First off for me, personally, I would do it no questions asked. I went for a ton of 'dream jobs'. Not all worked out but I don't regret trying. That being said I have no children or significant other so any decisions I make only affect me. I think that xpaeanx brings up some good points...
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I tried the devil worship but I don't think I yelled loud enough. I was told to hit my monitor until I got a crack but I don't know if I have enough dedication for that.
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I tried the thing where I yell at the screen while typing but it doesn't seem to work.
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    They declare winners now :O I'll have to try a lot harder lol
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    No one ever wins online debates. Ever. Lol
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    The Venting Thread

    I don't know how 'professional' it is but could you make it a Q A format? I have trouble telling people about my anxiety issues and struggles I have with social situations from Aspergers. If I just write about it I get kind of rambly. But when I try and bullet point or answer direct...
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I don't necessarily think things like prong collars and ecollars are wrong. But I don't think they should be the first thing people go to. Yoshi's idea of playing is getting smacked around and tackled she's a very rough play dog. I'm not worried about something really hurting her. But I've...
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    Crafty people? Sewing...

    I work for a fabric company and get free and heavily discounted fabric so I thought I would start sewing. I learned from my grandmother when I was younger and even made my own graduation dress so I had some knowledge. I ended up not really staying with it. I did make a quilt before I...