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    Put your toys away

    I taught my Corgi with clicker.First thing I taught her was to "take it" to pick up the toy and if she did ok with it, taught her "Give" to drop the toy into box.At the end,I labeled it "Put away" and she put away her toys into her toy box.
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    Shampoo for itchy skin?

    I use Erthbath oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. When you do shampoo, after applying to wet fur, wait for 10min or so and then rinse it off until you hear the squeaky sound.Leftover soap can trigger itch in skin too. Also, after shampoo,I use conditioner and it makes my dog fur very soft to...
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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    Cutting toenails

    When my Corgi was puppy, I touched her paws,muzzles a lot and every time I touch those sensitive spot,I gave her small piece of treats. First some times,I just touched paws,then if she could do ok with relaxed mood, I touched her paw and hold the paw and gave her a treats.Repeat it over and...
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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    first snow...jaspers not impressed!

    We had first snow yesterday and Palette loved it. she loves the snow so much that she does not like to back in the house soon.Doggy boots is ok but,I bought one and took forever to put them on to my Corgi.She walks like buckling horse and one by one,shoes coming off.. I donno if knee height is...
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    For anyone on facebook.

    I voted for Mina:) Cute!I will check everyone else's puppies too.
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    Play dead...

    I usually label the behavior (put cue) after my dog leaned the behavior. Until she does behavior I like,I say nothing.
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    any safe cleaning products??

    I too use vinegar,water. 50-50 solution. When you clean with it for a second or two,it has vinegar smell to it but,the smell gets evaporated.I don't use bleach kind.
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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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    Where (indoors) do you take your dog?

    I have never seen dogs in Home Depot or Loewe's either. It maybe different to each areas? If I could take Palette to almost all place we go to,she would sure be coming with us.She loves ride.get excited and,never leave her eye off from car door:) At this moment, she goes to petsmart,vet...
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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

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