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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    I'd say my neighborhood is pretty average? I don't see a ton of dogs being walked, but everyone around here has yards and I live at the beginning of the block so they could just not be passing me. There are also a TON of parks around me, so they could be going to those for walks (that's what I...
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    New look

    It took me a while to remember my password. LOL. Hopefully now it just keeps me logged in. The new layout will definitely take some time to get used to, but YES quick reply!!!! 99% of my web browsing is from my phone these days, so being able to just type and go is amazing!!!
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    4th Annual Chicago Chaz Meetup!

    I'm super excited. As long as no issues arise with getting time away from work, I'll be there!
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    What happened?

    I find most of my "Chaz" interactions are on FB these days. I do like that it's a bit more secure than an open forum like this. Sometimes I do miss the forum being active, but I really don't see it going back to what it was.
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    Chicago Meet Up?

    Any ideas on dates yet? Hoping to come and would like to start planning out monies and things.
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    Lets see your horses!!

    I grew up with horses. My mom works with racehorses and would often take in the "crazier ones" and work with them and then find them homes. I have a love/hate relationship with horses because my mom is one of those crazy horse people you hear about and I guess the crazies tend to cluster or...
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    Chicago Meet Up?

    Boo to Ohio and we could carpool if you live here then so you should be able to go anyway. :-P
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    Dog beds

    I have 3 Costco Kirkland beds, they're very affordable but very nice quality.
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    Do TB tests hurt?

    TB tests are the least painful of anything requiring a sharp. They're planted right underneath the top layer of skin, the needle is TINY, and very little serum is actually inserted. Most people don't even realize I've done anything when I tell them I'm done.
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    Considering trialing in Obedience

    I've been doing rally. I don't think I have the patience for traditional obedience precision.
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    Costco Kirklands food It's made by Diamond Naturals, so yes there have been recalls. Although I believe the plant that caused all the diamond naturals recalls has since been shut down (with no following recalls that I am aware of).
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    ^ I'm pretty sure you live in paradise and I'm completely envious of your life. LOL.
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: xp Occupation: Medical Age: 25<X<30 About your dog(s): 7 1/2 year old Corgi named Muffin. Interests: Dogs obviously, also love hiking and traveling. Favorite music: country & folk Favorite book: idk about on particular favorite, but my fav genre is...
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    Lark's next litter

    Yay! More Aussie puppies! :-D
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    Dog Birthday Ideas

    Find some dog friendly activities you can both enjoy? We have a dog friendly drive-in theater that has dog portioned vanilla ice cream cups. Pet store to pick their own gift than front seat with vanilla ice cream watching a movie at the drive in safely sectioned off from other dogs and...