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    Huge Photo Update (Malinois galore & Trent)

    Great pics! Trent is lovely as always... too bad about his leg though! Hope he's better soon. Siege is adorable, especially in the "expectation" photos... she looks like a fox! Those jaw snap sounds in the video are a little alarming tho :eek: :p
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    Using a slip lead as a head halter

    I do that with my llamas. It's very handy and secure because it tightens around their muzzle if they pull away. The only problem I see with applying it to dogs is that it seems like it would ride up into their eyes.
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    Which dog breed would you rather own

    Elkhound! Blackmouth Cur or Siberian Husky?
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    Which dog breed would you rather own

    Aussie! Presa Canario or Greyhound?
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    Is neutering a senior dog a good idea?

    Thanks for the replies. Like I said, I don't particularly want to neuter but I'm concerned about whether telling him "no" is an intelligent decision at this point. Apparently 80% of intact males get an enlarged prostate... I'm not sure how often there are complications stemming from that...
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    Is neutering a senior dog a good idea?

    Roman turned 8 last month and I have to take him in for his first dental soon. I'm sure I'll be asked about neutering him again. I've been told by the vet and I've read elsewhere that intact male dogs commonly get an enlarged prostate which is typically avoided or remedied by a neuter. Since he...
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    23 Dogs Rescued from Meat Farm in South Korea arriving in VA

    My concern here would be more about efficient use of resources. Spending thousands of dollars to import a bunch of hard-luck dogs to a country already overwhelmed with hard-luck dogs seems kind of pointless. It's still nice and more than I'm doing lol so I'm not too worked up about it.
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    23 Dogs Rescued from Meat Farm in South Korea arriving in VA

    I believe quarantine tends to be pretty lax for dogs in N America. They don't have hooves or feathers so are unlikely to threaten the food supply. I'd guess they just needed a veterinary certificate and rabies vaccination to enter, maybe they'll mandate an in-house quarantine if the rabies...
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    Introducing Siege!!

    OMG congrats, she's gorgeous!!! So happy for you!!! And what a great retirement home for her :) That last pic of them is lovely, what a good looking pair.
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    Gifts for someone who is wealthy?

    He likes drinking, buy him his favorite booze. Booze and a cheese knives (which everyone needs. seriously have you tried cutting cheese with a regular knife, ugh) are a fine gift and if he complains about it just give your condolences.
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    Do you believe...

    Yeah it should be legal. Especially on beaches. Most women aren't going to take advantage of it being legal anyways. In my personal opinion plain nude is "classier" and less sexual than an incredibly skimpy bikini anyways.
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    A bit late on the holiday festivities, but...

    Roman does not steal!
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    Need some life advice on my breeding program

    . i want haf wolv. wat wait is the dadd howe much $ 4 tha biggessttt
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    Excited peeing...

    Roman did this when he was younger. My method was to anticipate when he was going to pee and have a treat or toy ready to throw across the room. Just something to snap him out of that overwhelmed, crazed excitement phase. The treat was exciting too but it elicited a more focused, task-oriented...
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    The Venting Thread

    Maybe try some gerbils from a different source? I have two females from Petsmart and I don't handle them hardly at all, yet I can grab either while they're sleeping and they're totally fine. I'm seriously impressed with how un-nippy, hard to startle and tame they are. Plus they're 3 years old...