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    Hello from CeCe

    Aw, Cece is a gorgeous young lady.
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    10 Rules for Raising a Healthy Dog

    Taking real care of your pet is the most important, they are not toys.
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    This is my Cayenne, she is a five years old now but this is my favorite picture.
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    She is five years old now, but this is my favorite picture ever.
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    Some stripey dog pics, just because...

    What a lovely photos, they both are gorgeous.
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Good girl!" "Leave it!" "Watch on flowers!" :)
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    Jackson/Lola/friends Snowzilla 2016

    What a joy, they really love the snow. Gorgeous photos!
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    Welcome home Ollie:Our new family member:D

    How adorable all of them are! Congratulations on a new puppy.
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Cuteness overload!
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    Let's See Your Dogs in the Snow!

    Adorable photos.
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    New Year, New Dog

    Congratulations! She is adorable.
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    Father and Son

    Both guys are so adorable.
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    My puppy is scared of a picture of dogs

    Adorable little fellow. :)
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    Thanks! I will add photos.
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    Hello fellows dog lovers! I'm so glad to be part of this great community! I have a gorgeous black lab and adore her!