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    Good bones for a dog who doesn't like raw

    What RMBs have you fed her?
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    Raw feeding FAQ

    They eat them, depending on the size of the bone and the size of the dog. Beef bones are pretty inedible, though. No, they do not run through the body. They are digested.
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    What are some good dog foods???

    I third the Timberwolf suggestions. I used to feed their grain free forumlas with good results, better than any other kibble my dogs tried in the past. I feed raw now. A few folks had bad experiences with customer service, and I was one of them. Nevertheless, they seem to have that fixed. I buy...
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    Do you think this dog is skinny?

    Could I be any more jealous of Brody and Persephone? No. Probably not. Stunning dogs. Personally, I like my dogs on the thin side. I like my dogs athletic. The first dog looks a little ridiculous. Too much of a good thing, IMHO. Either way, I'd rather my dogs be a little too thin than a...
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    Any RAW meats to stay away from?

    Very well said, DanL. As with any meat you're buying, it's important to know your souce. I'm very fortunate that all my pork comes from local (as in down the road) processor. It's raised and slaughtered in this area, plus it's minimally processed.
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    Media Bias

    Truer words have never been spoken
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    Media Bias

    Don't shoot the messenger :D :lol-sign:
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    Funniest registered names you have seen!!

    LMAO. I have some renaming to do...:D
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    Any RAW meats to stay away from?

    Wild meats (any kind)-Need to be put in the deep freeze for a period of time Fish-Need to be careful where they are caught or farmed, don't feed too much. Avoid PacNW salmon. All other meat that is fit for human consumption shouldn't be a problem. As for pork, I feed my dogs pork often...
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    Media Bias

    I'd post the article here, but it's too long:
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    greensense diatomaceous earth

    DE works well to kill fleas, ticks and other bugs but you do have to be careful how you apply it. You shouldn't breathe the stuff in but once it has settled it is harmless. Many people use it on their pets by taking a little bit and slowly rubbing it in the fur with two fingers. It isn't applied...
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    Is fish okay?

    They shouldn't be a problem, pickleweed. My dogs have enjoyed a few meals of fresh salmon here and there, but it's expensive so I don't buy it often. I only purchase wild caught salmon from Alaskan waters and then deep freeze it accordingly. Farmed/PacNW salmon I avoid.
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    Is fish okay?

    Thanks for pointing out that important info, showpug. It depends on the salmon. Pacific salmonids carry a toxic parasite that can make dogs very sick. I avoid all salmon caught in the PacNW waters. Also, most farmed salmon contain added colors to get that bright pink/red look. On this...
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    Five yr old bitten in face by Lab Belmont Girl, 5, Recovering From Dog Bite To Face (BCN) BELMONT The Peninsula Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating a report that a 5-year-old Belmont girl was bitten in the face by a dog...
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    Is fish okay?

    Fish are perfectly fine to feed. My dogs enjoy whole fish. Here is something to keep in mind, though: "When feeding whole fresh fish (especially fish that you just caught from a lake!), it might be worthwhile to cut open the belly and check for hooks swallowed into the stomach as well as...