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    Happy Birthday Eddieq!

    happy birthday!
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    My personal iPhone autocorrect FAILs

    OMG. I am laughing so hard I'm crying. I always read my texts carefully before I push send, but I'm gonna start sending them lol... those are soo funny.
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    Girly problems (warning tmi)

    Disclaimer: I got the information from a medical book at work, but if you would like an online source whose credibility I am not certain of, it's also stated at Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding - causes and treatment options . It's always worthwhile to do your own research before starting any new...
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    Girly problems (warning tmi)

    I don't know how or why it works, but high doses of ibuprofen have been shown to help with heavy vaginal bleeding. I don't know if it will work for you since you also have pcos, but typically our first line of treatment of extended heavy vaginal bleeding is to prescribe ibuprofen 800mg three...
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    How are you cooking your turkey?

    It turned out fantastic FYI! Best, moistest, most flavorful turkey ever :-)
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    How are you cooking your turkey?

    My pan juices are black and burnt. That means I shouldn't deglaze the pan for gravy, right?
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    How are you cooking your turkey?

    I cooked mine in a bag last year. It was good, but I wanted something a little more challenging this year. I got a 19.5lb free range bird from a local farmer. I'm following this recipe, and it's been soaking in the brine since yesterday! I hope it turns out ok. Brined and Roasted Turkey Recipe ...
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    What does your voice sound like?

    I'm quiet, and I have a young sounding voice. Someone once told me I sound like the Powerpuff girl, Bubbles. I guess my voice matches me tho cause I look young too *sigh*
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    Restaurants accepting food stamps

    I used to agree with you... but I've been given a new perspective at my new job, which is basically an inner-city medicaid walk-in health clinic. I think that you would be surprised at how many people CAN'T take care of themselves without assistance. And not just because they've never had to. A...
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    Have you ever seen a dead person?

    I've seen lots of dead people of all ages when I worked in the ER. I have never seen anyone dead in a car accident at the scene or anything like that though. It's different when it's in the medical setting... you never get used to it, but it's just part of your job. Motorcycles scare the crap...
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    Potential new addition!

    I love her. Her name is Jazz? You could easily call her Chaz and she'd never notice.... and she'll never know that Chaz is a boy's name.
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    Does you dog not like anyone?

    Maggie is afraid of most people. I'm always proud of her when she makes a friend. She has about 5-6 human friends, including me and Justin, and everyone else she is afraid of.
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    Restaurants accepting food stamps

    I dunno.... you can get a large Little Caesar's pizza in my town for $5. In that case, 2 pizzas can easily feed a whole family, and for $10? Not bad. My concern is more for their health. I think that people with food stamps should be required to buy more healthy food. Obesity is an epidemic that...
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    Super Ginormous International ChazMeet Extravaganza

    I put other because y'all should come to columbus, but I might drive to virginia.
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    why do my dogs have fleas when they're on frontline?

    The sad thing is we sprayed the lawn with this flea-killer stuff a month or 2 ago and that stuff was supposed to last at least 3 months. My yard has superfleas :( Unless they got them on a walk, but we typically stay on the sidewalk.