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    How to make rescue dog quickly become a member of the family?

    I am a pet lover and adopted a dog from the rescue station last month. However, her relationship with other pets in the family was not harmonious. I consulted the trainer and conducted a month of training and adjustment. But the results are still not very good. Can you give me some advice, thank...
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    I have been troubled by this problem all along. For puppies, which is better between dry dog food and wet dog food? I had made a compromise between the two of them before, and I used both types of dog food. But I really want to know which one is more suitable.
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    How to protect the joints of large dogs

    Large dogs are so tall and majestic, but too much weight puts a lot of pressure on their joints. In fact, many dogs in the United States suffer from joint disease, and even some dogs in their prime are not spared. How to keep your big dog away from joint disease? Welcome everyone to communicate.
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    Do dogs understand laughter?

    Laughing is happy expression. My dogs are usually happy. I like happiness very much.
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    How to train a hound

    The difference between training a hound and daily dog training is quite high.
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    Hey everyone, new here!

    I also adopted a dog from the rescue station last month. I have inquired a lot of information, so we can exchange more.
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    Hey everyone, new here!

    I also just got a dog from the shelter, I believe we have a common topic.
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    How to train a hound

    If you have a very good breed of hounds, but he/she does not receive systematic training, then this dog cannot be a true hunter. A good hound not only has to learn the cultivation of hunting courage, but also to receive a series of training techniques for hunting skills. This will be a...
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    A friend of mine told me that using a decompression dog jacket can solve anxiety problems well. I don't know how it works?
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    Ťhank you
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    My dog became very anxious when thunderstorms and airplanes traveled. He was so uncomfortable, I was very distressed. But there has been no good solution.