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    Look who it is!

    So cute!!
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    Warning: May Make You Smile!

    So cute!! Definitely made me smile :)
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    Vanillasugar/nilly update?

    Hi guys!! I really appreciate that you haven't forgotten about me. I haven't forgotten about you either, just very busy and hardly even check more than occasionally clicking "like" on FB. I would love to be on Chaz more, I miss you!! Currently Carter is napping, so I'm hoping to take this...
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    Nilly's newest cancer update:

    I'm sorry I haven't been around Chaz as much, I'll try, I promise! I missed out on PUPPIES for goodness sake! That's not cool ;) Internet tends to be on the lowest of my list these days though. Thank you for still thinking about me, it's so much appreciated! <3
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    Nilly's newest cancer update:

    I can't find my original post with all of my old updates, but I wanted to pass along my newest news! I haven't been on Chaz very much, and for that I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of time for forums these days. I do Facebook, and not even that very well! Anyways, going to the point...
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    For the Dr. Who fans :)

    Good job!! I considered a TARDIS pumpkin, but it would take a lot of time and I'm just going to end up making a traditional face.
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    Doctor Who Series 7 (yes, there will be spoilers!)

    I need to have a Doctor Who day so I can re-watch the last 1/2 of this Series. Seeing them once is just not enough and I want to make sure I've absorbed it all properly.
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    I'm not pregnant anymore

    Yay baby!!!!! Congratulations!
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    Gave up Diet Pop!! No Heartburn!!

    Congratulations on quitting!! And it sounds like you've done a really good job since! Your health thanks you :)
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    October is going to be crazy!

    Thanks Renee and Kerri :) See how crazy though, I didn't even get to respond to this post until a day later!
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    October is going to be crazy!

    Haha thanks Jessie :) (Side note, can someone move me to the right part of the forum? I was posting on my iphone and apparently goofed!)
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    October is going to be crazy!

    There are so many things for October, I hope it doesn't drive me crazy! This weekend is Thanksgiving. We're going to Matt's dad for the whole weekend. This shouldn't be stressful, but knowing what's coming, I feel like we should be home working, and doing things at home together, which we...
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    Breastfeeding in public

    Thanks for filling me in Breeze, I guess I've been spoiled by Carter's routine! I'm sorry, I didn't know nursing takes so much time. We had our precious time of it, but it was so early I didn't worry about him nursing constantly, and figures we would work on a schedule over time. Formula...
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    Breastfeeding in public

    So nursing like that is mostly comfort? Or is it just that some eat little tiny meals all day? That would drive me crazy if I were nursing and wound up like that. I think at that point I WOULD feel like a cow!