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    The Culinary Canine

    He is adorable, and his name is just perfect! :)
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    Group pics. We're getting (a little) better at this

    So cute! I love the variety of sizes that you have!
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    Easter pics anyone?...

    I love these pictures. He is so handsome! :)
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    Snowmagedon 2015

    Maya is sure enjoying it. We have about 2 feet, but some of the drifts are waist deep!
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    First snow of the season (Pepper heavy!)

    I love Pepper! She always looks so girly and sweet! :)
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    Favorite PHONE Picture

    This one is pretty recent....I was trying to change the sheets.
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    Crack & Cryptonite

    Maya's Crack: 1. Cheese - all kinds 2. Tennis balls 3. The beach Kryptonite: 1. Hardwood Floors 2. Tile Floors The fact that I have both types of these floors in my house makes watching her jump from area rug to area rug very entertaining!
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    6 months vs 10 months

    Six months... Ten Months...
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    My Puppy is Weird

    Maya was the same way! She would walk fine for a short while (like to the house next door) and then when she got past her "safe" distance she sat down and refused to walk any farther. However, she would walk back home with me just fine....she just had some distance in her head that was...
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    Water dog! *picture heavy*

    That looks like fun! (and I am totally jealous of your weather!) :)
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    Vegas - which hotel?

    I haven't been to Vegas in a few years, but for a reasonable price and location, I would recommend the MGM Grand or New York, New York. They are both right on the Strip, and you can easily get to a lot of other casinos from there. Are you going to be there during the week or on the...
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    Group shot: best we can do

    I like how they are so very color coordinated! :)
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    The Good News thread

    That is awesome! (My bracket is busted in a big way too, but this helps make up for it!)
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    If you had to pick one of these cities...

    San Francisco! I visited for 5 days last fall and absolutely loved it! I could totally see myself living there (even though it does seem awfully pricy for housing).
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    Poodle in the park

    I just love him! :)