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  • "Crawling in a box right now"....lol, just re-read you post... I can just picture it...lol, amy
    oh my gosh.... i am so sorry, i so remember now, you have a little girl... for some reason, and I know why now... I thought you had a son, but now i remember.... For the life of me, I thought you had a boy (just now).... I am so sorry...
    Well, I hope your little girl is doing well... I got both, and I still get confused...lol. Please don't hold that against me, I have been going through hell, Mason developed an allergy to his Soy Formula after 3 months and my mind is manic. He is o.k. now, but it was awful dealing with it... I swear, sometimes nurses don't know s*it! AND, they don't listen...amy
    We're all good. I have a little girl ;) And she's good. Active. She's crawling in a box right now. She'll probably be walking soon. I haven't been in chat in ages. Hopefully, they chill. As you know this forum isn't always that friendly ;)
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