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    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy and will get more good informations here. goodluck...
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    Hey Im Jackie and I have a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) named "Autumn" :)

    Hello and welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy here. Goodluck!
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    Hello and wlcome to chazhound.
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    Another new member saying "HI"

    Hello to you and your dusty and wlcome to this forum.Your dusty is looking so cute.
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    Hi everyone, I am another new member looking to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts!

    Hi, welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy here as well as get good information.
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    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hi, welcome to this forum.
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    Find a puppy name...

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    my newborn puppies, so cute

    I love my puppy... EDITED BY MOD: Only advertise your Web site in the Dog Sites area. Please don't hijack other threads.
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    Welcome to this forum.I hope you will enjoy here and will get more informations. Goodluck!
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    Welcome to the Goodluck...
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    Hello from Poland

    Nice dog..i like..
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    Hi,welcome to the Chazhound forum.I have a 8 year old Dobermann and I adore him.Looking forward to their pictures.
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    I'm a Newbie!

    Welcome to chazhound.I hope you will find more dog related topics.
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    Hi, Dustin and Annie welcome to the chazhound.Post their pictures i want to see.
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    New from Iowa

    Hi and welcome to this forum.You have joined a very good forum where you can get more dog realated information.