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    New Doberman in da'house. :)

    Cute! I like his ears! You are right - no point in clipping them. They are adorable Congratulations!
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    Puppy help please

    Hi! I am in Michigan, too. At least our winter is over so you won't have to worry about the cold any more for your puppies. It will take time and patience to create the repetition for them to understand that you want him to go in a certain place (and NOT inside since they used those pee pads -...
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    Potty training woes

    Hi, potty training puppies is not always easy. If she is having accidents - you should use The Housebreaker. When used with a diaper (only for training) it ensures there are NO accidents in your house and will immediately set off an alarm as soon as she tries to pee inside. There is a video on...
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    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    One great way to get a dog to stop biting you is to press his or her lip against their teeth when they are biting. This is not "mean" as they will quickly learn that biting hurts and they won't bite themselves or you. Sometimes they just don't understand that biting is hurtful. They are puppies...